Thursday, July 30, 2015

HIS Registration

Back to School
By Kathy Roberts Sciarrotta

HIS Registration for 2015-2016
Helena parents are asked to fill out forms, bring in health cards, and provide prof of address on Tuesday and Wednesday at 7am to 11am. This means summer is almost over. Fall is fast approaching and well will gain team sprit!  We are looking forward to football, the sound of the band, the shimmer of the lights on the cheerleaders and back together with all our friends for a new school year. The teachers have been working hard on getting their rooms ready. PTO has been working hard to plan fun fundraising events through the year. Most parents are ready for the children to head back to school and get back on a normal schedule again. Most children are ready to go back and find out who is on the bus, who is in their class and talk about what they did over the summer with new friends in new grade levels.

At This age there are extracurricular activities. They have student council members, music & chorus and gifted programs. Intermediate school is a change. It is like big kid school they say. No more babying the students. They learn independence and have to be  responsible for their books, class work and home work. Yes more home work than elementary school!  These are the years for change and building character. You will start to notice your child  hanging out with the same kids a little more group settings. They will start to trans form and develop their own look and style. The hair styles, the clothes, the shoes. This is when it starts. By age nine they know everything about everything! By age twelve they are  tween's  and friends, groups, bonds have been formed.

These are the years for found memories of a lot of firsts. Parents help when you can at school. Come have lunch with your child the next three years while they still want you to. Encourage them to help others, join clubs, sports, chorus and more so they become well rounded and and find out what they like and dislike. This will give them the tools and confidence  they need for Middle school. Mrs. Pamela and Mrs.   Have been working hard with the guidance counselors to  make sure your children are placed with most fitting teacher as you suggested. I think the registration process went very smooth.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Guest Blogger : Matt Herndon Part 2

Guest Blogger Matt Herndon 
My wife just announced she is going to Anniston tonight.  I still have a good chance of doing the Blog, but it will be a little more difficult.

Photo of the Day

Because that is who we are


Orientation for Freshman and new students to HHS.
        Tuesday (Aug 4th??) from 10 am until Noon
        Freshman - bring $10 to get your Class of 2019 T-Shirt

Juniors and Seniors that are parking at school
         Spots are still available for purchase. $40

Any questions for the High School, call 205-682-3650

Also at the Post Office I ran into Hope Crocker, of Hope's Sweet Cakes (  If you haven't seen her work, please check it out.  I'm trying to convince her to start using animatronics.  


I tried going around to speak with all of the PrinciPALs today, but they were all in meeting, or avoiding me.  I will try again before school starts so we can pass on tips, tricks, and how we can better serve our schools and teachers.


Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Guest Blogger: Matt Herndon

Helena Picture of the Day
Today's picture is from Rosa Gambarelli who is freshman this year at the Helena High

Guest Blogger
Hal Woodman (Hewy NoSleep) is out this week and has asked for volunteer bloggers to pick up his slack.  He asked me first; which makes me question his judgment and wisdom.  But I will do my best.  I am Matt Herndon.  I live in The OC with my beautiful wife Kelly, Camp (6 yo), and Ellie (3 yo).   


Update on our Great Councilman’s leg.  Although Hal claims he was bitten by a Brown Recluse, I have yet to see evidence this spider exists.  It could have been a really big mosquito.  But nonetheless, Hal’s leg developed necrosis and has become gangrenous.  Having already been to the Emergency Room, Hal has decided to seek treatment at a Wound Care Center…which will wait until he returns from Chicago.  He shared photos last week, but I will keep those on his FB page. 


The vacations are finishing up, the back-to-school shopping has just started, and moms across the city are down to their last strand of sanity.  Just remember - It’s great to be a Helena Husky.


The Count Down Has Begun!!!
16 days until School – Some rejoice. Some cry.
16 days until School Traffic – all cry
25 days until Friday night football – all rejoice (schedule below)
46 days until Saturday football – all rejoice (Hail State)


We have been hearing a lot of complaints about mosquitoes this year.  Our yards look great, but not our legs.  Who knows, next year we will all have brown yards and no mosquitoes.  If a monthly backyard treatment isn’t for you, hear are a few tips from Alan Farmer with Farmer Guard. 

This year has been one of the worst for mosquitoes in Helena. It's all due to the amount of rainfall we've had, going back to the spring. Mosquitoes need standing water to breed and we all know there's plenty of standing water around! We get asked all of the time "What can we do around our yard to help reduce mosquitoes". Here's a few things you can do:
Remove any standing water. Kiddie pools, dog and cat bowls, and bird baths should be drained and refilled every-other-day. Also, watch out for water collecting on grill covers or empty flower pots. Did you know that just the water collected in an upside-down magnolia leaf can support 100 mosquito larvae?
Keep your gutters clean. When debris collects in your gutters, it allows water to pool and creates the perfect breeding site for mosquitoes.
Keep your grass cut as short as possible and trimmed away from the edge of your foundation. Adult mosquitoes love to rest under the shade of tall grass during the day.
Keep the weeds out of your yard. Again, mosquitoes love to rest under the leaves of weeds.
Avoid going outside early in the morning and late in the evening. These are the most active times for mosquitoes.
Mosquitoes usually stay within 300 yards of their breeding site, so more than likely, if you have a lot of mosquitoes in your yard, you won't have to look very far for the reason. If all else fails, it's time to hire a professional. FarmerGuard Pest Control uses the best techniques and products available to keep your family protected from mosquitoes. Although no treatment is 100%, if you do your part and have a monthly mosquito protection plan, you can expect up to a 99% mosquito free yard.
Alan Farmer is the owner of Helena's FarmerGuard Pest Control. To learn more visit or contact him at

Below is the schedule for Helena High School Football this year.  Hal asked that I not provide any opinions; just facts.  Helena is greatest school in the state and better than Alabaster or Pelham.  That’s a Fact.


Bradford Pears - During the past few weeks, we have seen a lot of limbs splitting and trees being cut down.  Like most of you, I am not a fan of these trees or their root systems.  The one advantage they do have is filling space.  If you have removed one from your yard, be thinking about replacing it with another good shade tree.  In a few months there will be some great deals on young trees.

Sewage Spill and Cahaba River Keepers – Our friends up the road accidentally released some sewage into Buck Creek last week.  I have read many articles that state the E. coli counts spike after hard rains…but this spike might linger a little bit.  The good news is that takes samples at our waterfall each week.  If you are wondering if it is safe to swim, check out their latest samples.  And like all rivers, streams, lakes…it is never safe to drink the water.


Finally…support our local business.  Support your neighbors.  Support our Police and Fireman.  Don’t be afraid to get out and get to know people.  

Monday, July 27, 2015

Monday in Helena

Helena Picture of the Day
Thanks to L Powell who shared, "Cool rainbow picture by the high school tonight from the roundabout". Hey everyone, I will be out this week so I am trying to recruit some guest bloggers this week. You should see some appearing soon.

Olympic Win
Helena's Daniel Jones placed 1st in Junior Olympic Freestyle Kayaking Event (12U) this weekend held at the Nantahala River in NC. Way to Go!

Block Party
Nikki DeVenny shared that CrossBridge Community Church is having a Block Party for the Youth and everyone in Helena on August 1 at 1pm. Be sure to add it to your calendar for the weekend events.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Helena Weekend

Helena Weekend
The weather should be perfect and there is a lot of things to do this weekend. Unfortunaly, I am unwell this weekend so I will miss out but please take some pictures and tag me. We have plenty of music in town dont forget that the Bright Star will be giving a Chef Demonstration at the Helena Market this Saturday morning at 10am. They will hand out samples of their Fried Green tomatoes and shrimp. You don't want to miss that.  Also Papa Saias shared they are having a one time weekend special of Ribeye Steak Dinner with Baked Potatoes and Broccoli. Also Rio's is having a Charity Grill for Haley Green all day Saturday, they will also grill your meat for you if you bring it tonight.
Friday 24th
9am-1pm Chic Repeats Consignment Sale at Helena United Methodist Church
7-10pm Peanut and Rush at the Coal Yard tonight
8pm-til Matt Hill performs at Papa Saia's
8pm Free Outdoor movie "Big Hero 6" at Amphitheater
9pm Karaoke at Rio's Bar and Grill

Saturday 25th
8am-Noon Helena Farmer Market at the Amphitheater Park
9am  Jim Quakenbush swing music at Helena Amphitheater Park
9am-1pm Chic Repeats Consignment Sale at Helena United Methodist Church
10am Bright Star Chef demonstration at Helena Amphitheater(fried green tomatoes and shrimp)
11am Charity Grill for Haley Green at Rio's Bar and Grill (Event All Day)
4pm-6pm  Pack 556 is having a bike rodeo and splash day at the pavilion at HUMC
7pm-10pm Bailey Ingle at the Coal Yard

8pm Tommy Crowder and Phil Austin perform at Papa Saias
9pm Sassy Brown Band at Rio's Bar and Grill

Sunday 26th
3pm School Supply Drop Off at Helena Cumberland Presbyterian Church on 3396 Helena Road
Philicia Danner shared, "Help support local school by dropping off school supplies. All school supplies accepted as well as book bags, lunch boxes and monetary donations".

Yard Sale
A great day to check out some yard sales in Helena
2014 English Oak Lane in Twelve Oaks subdivision. multi family yard sale the is Saturday 6:30-noon

4708 Hollow Lane in  Plantation South Large multiple family garage Sale Saturday  from 8-1! Lots of great things!

220 Appleford Road in Hillsboro 7a-11a Saturday. We're moving. Lots of baby/toddler items and clothes, Fiestaware dishes, exercise equipment, and much more, all priced to move

Horse Camp
Suzanne Dennis Schnetzler shared, "Today is the last day for Rocking S Farm's third 2015 summer camp. Fun show in Leeds at Heathermoor Farm tomorrow . One more summer camp August 3-7. Only a few spaces left! Call for more info 205-441-9490 "

HMS Schedule Pick Up
6th grade will pick up schedules at Camp Husky on August 5th
7th/8th graders may pick up schedules on August 5th from 1-6pm.
Parents may also pick up schedules on August 10th from 3:30-5pm.
If you can't make either day, then your child will pick up their schedule the first day of school.
Parents may only pick up schedules for their child only.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Adult, Moon Party, at Clifford's place

Adult Summer Reading Close Out Party
Celebrate a Summer of Reading with Music from Local Musician Ben Williams. There will be , Food, and Door Prizes. Also Also they announce the will have a drawing for the grand prize! Today Thursday, July 23, 2015 at 6:00 PM at the Jane B. Holmes Public Library.

Front Door Soliciting in Helena
Helena is looking to revise door-to-door soliciting laws. The following are the changes we are looking at:

  • Limiting the time of solicitation from 9 a.m. to sunset as opposed to the current sunrise to sunset timeframe.
  • Making it a violation to knock on the door or ring the doorbell of a residence that has a no soliciting sign on the door.
  • Solicitors must have a city-issued ID visible at all times while working as a door-to-door salesperson in Helena.

It would not impact charities or your children selling items for sports, school, etc. You can read the full article by Graham Brooks and all the details HERE

Beka Boutique Drop Off Site
You can teach your about being generous when you are school shopping this week. Shelby County Foster and Adoptive Parent Assoc is asking for donations and Beka's Boutique in Old Town Helena is your drop off point. Also you can Post a selfie with your donation and post with the hashtags #SCFAPA #projectsnackpack to encourage others to donate.

Blue Moon Party
The Coal Yard on 4085 Helena Road is hosting “Once in a Blue Moon” event July 31 from 5pm-11pm. Not only will it offically be a Blue Moon in the sky, Blue Moon Brewery will be helping sponsor the event. They will have giveaways (including a telescope), music by Intermission, and Blue Moon on tap at a discount. You can read more HERE.

Football Predictions
It may be too early for High School football predictions but Baker Ellis, the Sports Editor of Shelby County Reporter, believes that Helena Huskies will make it to the playoffs again and have a 7-3 record. You can be part of it by ordering your tickets and passes early at the Helena Athletic Association

Clifford’s Place
 Obviously a forerunner of today’s convenience store, Clifford’s Place offered one grade of gasoline and a variety of soft drinks. A Royal Crown Cola and a Moon Pie were in high demand at the store located at the intersection of County Road 52 and Main Street, now the Baptist Church parking lot. The store was a popular hangout for the town’s young people. (Contributed/City of Helena Museum)- See more at: LINK

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Dublin wins MVP

Congratulations to Phildon Dublin,  who is a young man of many talents. Not only did he help Helena High School Football make it to the playoffs, he also played on the record breaking Helena Soccer team. Yesterday he won the North MVP at the AHSAA Allstar game. Way to Go!