Friday, August 18, 2017


Beadapalooza is this weekend in Helena. Here is the information they sent with the details:

August 19th 10-6pm
August 20th 10-5pm
Free Admission to the Bead Bead Show in Alabama

Over 12 great bead and gem vendors from around the world

At The Helena Sports Complex
110 Sports Complex Dr, Helena, AL 35080

If you are signed up for classes you get to come and shop early Friday Night from 6-8pm

Still plenty of room in many of the classes. Go to the link below to sign up for classes:

First 50 paying customers will get a goodie/swag bag.
(You must spend $15 to qualify)

Facebook Event Link with Details:

Thursday, August 17, 2017

McDoanlds and Miracle League

At the Helena McDonald's this Thursday night,  20% of sales will also be donated to the Miracle League of Helena. Please come out and support this great cause!

What is the Helena Miracle League, you ask?

Learn more about them here:

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Waffle House Jobs

Waffle House Hiring
Heather shared this if you would like to get out of the commute and work in Helena. The interviews will be everyone Tuesday 8am-2pm at the Waffle House on 1985 Hwy 31

To see more Helena news and updates click here:

Emergency Call

Abc Polymer
The Helena Fire Department Issues a statement about some sad news ABC Polymer in Helena last night.  Here is is from their facebook page.

"Shelby County 911 received an emergency call from ABC Polymer, located at 545 Elm Street in Helena, at 6:41 pm this evening regarding an industrial accident. Helena Police and Fire units were immediately dispatched to the scene. Upon arrival, responders found a female employee that had been pulled into an industrial machine. Fire Medics determined that the victim was deceased and the Shelby County Coroner's Office was notified. Helena Police and the Coroner's office are conducting an investigation into the events surrounding the death. Any additional questions pertaining to this incident should be directed to Capt. Chaed Agee of the Helena Fire Department"

Prayers for the family of the young woman. Thank you for service of our first respondents. Everyone please keep clear of the location why they area is working. I will update below if any other news updates come out but the best source pf updates will be the direct link to the Fire Department below:

Click here to go the TheHelenaFireDepartment facebook page for more.
Click here to return to the full blog page with all updates:

Hewy is Going Asleep

Recently, I sat down with reporter Graham Brooks from the Shelby County Report to discuss why I had temporarily disappeared after 12+ years on blogging, posting, and tweeting about Helena. I even missed my first Council meeting since the new term started. It was a scary, but life changing, time for me. I wanted to give you a further inside exposition on this new path forward for me.

The gist of why this page, No Sleep in Helena Blog, will be retiring
We are heading to the 13th year and I think the time has come. I have spent a couple of hours every day for the past decade writing it so when it finally closes it will free up hours in my day that I will spend on creating new Helena events, working to make Helena Government better, writing grants to preserve our landmarks, and helping make Helena the most special city on the planet!

Blogging in my social media drawing room a few years back
When I started this blog, there was only a newsletter in Helena and the content came only from the government, so there was no independent information. Facebook had not spread nationally (in 2004 it was just for Harvard students), so this blog served a role when it started by letting people share comments and find a wider range of Helena events. There was also a rich community of fellow local bloggers. Instead of waiting a month for a newsletter, Helenites could pull up the No Sleep blog and find out what was happening in Helena that very day.

Now, we have the Helena Reporter newspaper and website. Facebook has more Helena-focused pages than you can shake a stick at, and even the Helena Newsletter comes out quicker and they have a website!
Honored to played the role of Santa Claus in Helena with the HPD

Why the decision and the Path Forward?

I wanted to give you a further inside exposition on this new path forward because it was a hard decision to end the Hewy Nosleep Blog, but it was long in the planning.

In the article by Graham, you understand that for long stretches, I was basically bed ridden, seeing my muscles weakening (atrophy), so I had time laying there to reevaluate my life of late. It was disheartening and intimidating for me. My stutter from childhood even returned.

Reading Dr, Seuss for Students
I looked back on the past year and saw that my decreasing mobility with my leg had isolated me and prevented me from attending all the events. On the medicine, my body had ballooned my weight up 100+  pounds which further made me avoid going outside and having contacts. I had stopped being active in church. When I was with friends,  I pushed them away and was hurtful and negative. I was flippantly critical of friends and ideas for no reason at all. I was bitter and sad. I ignored the people I cared about when they needed help, I have to admit that now, because it became clear. I apologize to everyone.

Trash Duty
So I made a plan, a path forward for my life, and my Helena commitment. My eyesight was still unreliable but I used the voice capture (converts your voice to text) on my phone and began to speak about where I needed to be for myself, my family and for Helena (I also learned I mispronounce a lot of words).

Physically,  I have less than a month to achieve as much as I can with physical therapy, while not re-injuring the leg wound, but I will walk normally again with a walker. I will spend 12 hours a day moving my legs so I can go back to being mobile and able to come to events and work.

I will be grateful for everything. I got down to nothing, and everything now is a gift from God . I want to slow down and be able to see all those kind acts and extra efforts done by people. I will use my time efficiently to be the best person I can for those around me and those who need someone.

It is only by the grace of God that I am here . All of this is gifted time. I will turn my thoughts to God and love all his creations. Thank you to everyone for their prayers and messages.

Hewy+Gnome+Twitter Bird

Ok, so that is my story. No Sleep Blog is coming to an end. I am setting up the countdown and the last few posts. I still own some of the domains for a few more years but I will try to find a place for those. I know I have many social media accounts with the name but they will more of a personal account or a page to work on Helena Events and Community involvement. Also some of those account contain so many family photos as well.

The Hewy Facebook page now uses my real name . Since I am still called Hewy in the grocery store and held that nickname so long then I reckon I will still have that as a fond reminder since Harold is unknown. The No Sleep in Helena Facebook page will remain active (but there are some major changes ahead) so that Helena events and activities can be promoted and coordinated, but my original writing and content will end this as well as Hewy Nosleep. That gnome will finally find rest and sleep.

Good Night, Helena!

The Original Helena Bloggers!
Link to the full Article is HERE

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Miracle's McSpirit Night

At the Helena McDonald's this Thursday night,  20% of sales will also be donated to the Miracle League of Helena. Please come out and support this great cause!

What is the Helena Miracle League, you ask?

Learn more about them here:

Husky Day!

I received an email from the HAA about the upcoming Helena High Football season.

"Husky Day is quickly approaching it's a great time of year for players and their families. All their hard work though the summer is about to pay off. New programs like ours have to do fundraisers to keep up with programs that established. There are several easy ways to support football and athletics in your community.The three easiest ways are to join the HAA (Helena Athletic Association), buy season tickets and reserved parking. Being apart of the HAA and attending  meetings gives you a voice in the way fundraising is done, direction that money is applied towards betterment of the programs, inside involvement of what coaches are trying to accomplish and a chance to be a bigger part of our kids successes.

There are still several season tickets  and reserved  parking places left. This link will take you to all three.
If you haven't already purchased tickets, reserved parking or join the HAA please do so. All of these things will be available at Husky Day Saturday August 19th as well.

Husky Day
   Husky Day will kick off at 5:00 with our junior high, the 9th and high school will follow. There will be jump houses for the kids $5.00 will get your kids a wrist band. With the later start of Husky Day the jump houses will remain open into half time of the varsity game. The HAA tent will be set up near the entrance to the field where you can pick up parking passes and seat tickets or purchase them if you haven't already.

The Spirit Shop will have a tent where you can get your Husky swag. Something that is new to Husky Day is the raffle. Tickets that are sold at the game will go in the raffle for prizes drawn in between quarters starting at the beginning of the 9th grade game. Must be present to win!

Prizes are as follows: 1 year and a 6 month membership to Helena Fitness Club, Yeti Roadie (blue), Stihl BR350 back pack blower, Yeti Hopper II (grey & blue), two rounds with cart to Timberline (x2),Husqvarna 327P4 pole saws(x2) and chances to win Combo Packages (season tickets & reserved parking). The grand prize from TS Arms will be pulled at the end of the varsity game. You don't have to be present to win the grand prize. All chances will be sold at $5.00 and will be sold throughout the game. All tickets will be put back in for the grand prize drawing. I thank you in advance for your support. GO HUSKIES"!!!

Helena Senate Votes

Thank to Jack for staying after 12+ hours of polling to see the results of the Votes at the Helena Sports Complex polling site. You probably already know that Moore, and Strange are in a runoff and Doug won his outright. Here's is how Helena voted and considering the predicted an average of a 10-15% turnout Statewide. We did pretty good. You;ll noticed Helena did not follow the State trend in either account.

Precinct 21 Helena 
Strange  527 36.4
Moore    441. 28.3
Brooks.  378  26.0
Pittman.  83.   5.7
Other.      49.  3.4

Rep 1448. 79%
Dem  379. 21%

votes 1828
17.7 % turnout
I think I read someone in Shelby got 20% but I will pretend that was one of those 100 people towns :)

I also got an update from Becky. She said there are 10,530 registered voters. So think that is the total for the Sports Complex location but many not include the other site in western Helena. The 2010 census has the total population of human beings in Helena as 16,793

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

More Helena Garbage news :)

Santek will begin delivering cans Thursday, August 17, 2017 through the next week. Here is some information that Helena residents have asked about this week.
1. The cost of the service is $37.50 per quarter and the first bill will arrive the last week in August (this bill will cover September, October and November).
2. You will receive the same size cans we had before with one being blue (recycling) and the other grey (garbage).
3. Republic Services will pick up your old cans after that last week of garbage service (this will be during the last week of August).
4. If you do not receive your can within a week of them beginning to deliver them, please contact City Hall so we can get them delivered to you.
5. There will be adjustments to some garbage days. You will receive a post card in the mail in the next week that will let you know what day your garbage service will be picked up as well as when your recycling will be picked up (FYI all recycling will be on Wednesdays).

Senate Elections

Election Day
Dont forget that this Tuesday we have that special Senate election 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM.

If you are new to the area there are some things that are different. First off, All the parties vote at the SAME place (7am-7pm). (Republicans and Democrats, Independent, Yellow dogs, Bullmoose.... ok, we dont have that many)

So dont be surprise if you walk up to sign in, you have to declare which ballot you want.

Second, in others place, people may vote on little machine with private curtains which they can close and vote, but here you go sit in on a large table with everyone else, and when you are done to take you ballot back front and slide it into a machine. So people are surprised by this, but if you are worried about someone seeing your ballot, or looking over your shoulder, then bring a cover sheet.

Ok, you are all set, down your researcher, a Senator is a really important choice. Next

Here's how to Locate your Polling location

Here are the Sample Ballots for the two counties that Helena is under:



They are predicting a light voter turnout but let's shock them by having Helena with the highest in the State. I'll vote at Helena Sports Complex. So I hope to see you there!

Monday, August 14, 2017

Important Helena Notice

Garbage Cans
"For all Helena residents. Please make sure to share this with your neighbors and friends. Santek (our new garbage and recycling company), will begin delivering cans to Helena residents beginning on Thursday, August 17, 2017 and continuing through the entire next week until all residents have trash and recycling cans (one blue and one grey). There will also be a postcard delivered via the mail that will have your garbage and recycling days listed on your postcard. Continue to use your Republic Services trash and recycle cans until your garbage has been picked up that last week in August, then you can switch over to your Santek cans. We will be sending out additional information over the next two weeks so please be patient with Santek and if you have any questions do not hesitate to contact Helena City Hall". from the City of Helena Facebook page:

Upcoming Helena Events

Leigh Rutledge Bratina Photo of the Day
Upcoming Events!
Here's some upcoming Helena events is saw online. So much going on since school starts so I need to put theses in a list.
Also Here's a flash from the past. The past winner of Helena's Photo of the Day from Leigh Rutledge Bratina from Photographic Memories took this amazing picture of the chapel at Joe Tucker park in Helena. I saw it while back and wanted to share again and because it is so beautiful!

Spirit Night
At the Helena McDonald's this Thursday night,  20% of sales will also be donated to the Miracle League of Helena. Please come out and support this great cause! What is the Helena Miracle League, you ask? Learn more about them here:

Back to School Wrestling Fundraiser
Tuesday, August 22 at 5 PM - 8 PM
Zaxby's (Helena, AL)
30 Coalmont Rd, Helena, Alabama 35080

Details: Come one come all to Zaxby's for the back to school wrestling fundraiser.
Dine in, drive thru or carry out and Zaxby's will graciously donate a portion of the proceeds from 5-8 PM to The Helena Wrestling Team. Wrestlers will be accepting tips.
High School and Middle School wrestling teams and families encouraged to attend!

AUG 19 Beadapalooza
Hosted by The Bead Biz 

August 19 – August 20 Aug 19 at 10 AM to Aug 20 at 5 PM Helena Sports Complex Helena, Alabama 35080 Free admission to the Bead Show in Alabama! Beads, gemstones and beading supplies from all over the world. Fabulous and Friendly vendors. Sign up for classes at

 Early bird shopping Friday night from 6-8pm for everyone that signs up and takes classes. Everything your beading heart desires all under one roof. Beadapalooza 2017 brings together bead and gemstone vendors from all over the United States. Gemstones strands, Czech Glass, Metal, Shell and wood from various countries around the globe.

This 2 day event will feature, an array of bead artisans selling their original designs to enhance the Jewelry designer in you. This is a once a year opportunity to meet and share with other jewelry designers from the Birmingham area. Something for everyone, Tribal Belly dancers will perform to give a festive shopping experience at 9:30 am Saturday. Fashion show Saturday afternoon by La Bella Sol Boutique. And join us for line dancing demos on Sunday afternoon. Goodie Swag bags will be given to the first 50 shopper who spend $20.00 on Saturday. So come early for the best selection.

Chic Repeats Consignment Sale 
The Helena UMC Chic Repeats Consignment Sale will be Aug 25 and Aug 26 at Helena United Methodist Church at 2035 Highway 58, Helena, Alabama 35080.  Check out their link to register:

Miracle League of Helena Golf
Last but not least. The Helena Miracle League is having their big golf tournament! Click the links for more details

Inaugural Miracle League of Helena Golf Tournament
Monday, October 9 at 7 AM - 2 PM
Timberline Golf Club, Calera, Alabama 300 Timberline Trl, Calera, Alabama 35040

Details 7am-8:30am Putting Tournament 8:30am Shotgun Start Four-Man Scramble Format

Monday City Council Agenda

Helena City Council
Here's the published agenda for the Helena City Council for Monday August 14, 2017. As always it is open to the public and we would love to see you there. The work session is at 5pm. It is a more informal meeting is discussion but no official votes can occur in it. Then at 6pm is the official meeting.

COUNCIL WORK SESSION AGENDA  5:00pm                                                      
A discussion and review of City Council agenda items, projects, department, committee, and board liaison reports, and task assigned for City operations and business.
1. Review: 08/14/17 Agenda Items.
AP/Bill payments
07/24/2017 meeting minutes review
2. Update from Council Boards and Committee Business.
3. Brody Jones-Speak to Council concerning a Fundraiser
4. Inspections Department-Emergency Vehicle Purchase
5. Mayor Hall-Update from Regional Planning Commission-Intersection Improvement
6. FYE 2018 Budget Review
7. Confirmation: 08/28/17 Council Meeting and Work Session Agenda.

1. Meeting Called To Order  
2. Invocation                    
3. Pledge of Allegiance    
4. Council Roll Call      
5. Presentation of Minutes from 07/24/17.
6. Revenue Report and (AP) Bill payment.
7. Municipal Operations Report: Mayor Mark Hall
Departments: Police, Fire, Library, Streets, Sanitation, Utilities.
8. Resolution 08142017- Act #2017-367- One-Time Bonus for Retirees. Has to be approved in 2017, otherwise it will not be offered again. Retirees with 25 of service will get $600.00 and retirees with less than 25 years, will get a minimum of $300.00.
9. Approve/Deny-Sports Complex- Installation of Lighting for Parking Lot Addition
10. Inspections Department-Emergency Vehicle Purchase
11. Council Comments
12. Adjournment

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Sports Complex Parking

Helena Sports Complex
I got a chance for someone to drive me out to the Helena Sports Complex to see the completed paving on the Parking lot expansion. It looks really good. Hopeful it will be a be big help for all the packed games and encourage future events. It will keep families from having to park in the grass (its hard to push a stroller). It is good feeling to see this completed. We voted on the funding, for this, just a few month ago so this was really done timely. Great job by the Mayor and city team. This Monday, during City Council, we should complete the decision on lights. I will post the City Council agenda next.  See you!

Friday, August 11, 2017

Saturday Helena Market Days

Helena Farmer Market
This Saturday (8/11) from 8am-Noon at the Helena Amphitheater next to Old Town Helena we will have the Helena Market Days with local farmers and Artisans in white tents.

Come get you free BLT this Saturday August 12th from 8am-12pm. Complements of the Helena Farmers Market. Also stop by our Farmers, Artisans and Vendor booths.

Also dont forget to vote for Helena Market Days and your other Helena Favorites at

Librarian Opening

 Helena Library Assistant Job
Calling all bibliophiles!

Admit it, you love books! They are magically, portable, entertainment, whose batteries never run out, and won't even break if you drop it. Now you can work at Helena (no commute), hang around books all day and get everyone excited about books!

The job is for a full time Library Assistant which is 40 hours per week total, includes 2 Saturdays per month, and some evenings. The salary range is $25,000-27,000. If you got the skills, click below to got to the City of Helena link to learn more:

See more Helena news here:

Best of the Best

Pick the Best of the Best
Support you Favorite Helena location and Events by nominating them in Shelby County's Best of the Best contest!

This is a great way to show your love to your favorite things in Helena! There is even a spot to nominate the Helena Farmer Market (which is amazing) and a place for the Buck Creek Festival.

Also you can choose who was the best burger in Helena and share your expert knowledge . Please take a moment and fill this out: