Thursday, May 29, 2008

Racer and Learners in Helena

Helena Speed Racer
A Helena citizen finished 3rd at the Shelby County Speedway in the Road Hogg race. Congrats to Tommy Murphree in car #93.
Helena Middle School
Marienne Thomas=Ogle reported more details about the new Helena Middle School that will start August 7th. She talks about the elevator and about how neighborhoods will have a walking path. You can read her whole article here.

26 year College Degree
I received grief for taking 5 years to get my degree but I think Helena's Melinda Butts deserves praise for completing hers after 26 years. She had put everything first before going back and finally getting her degree with a 3.9 gpa. Searching through my blog I discovered that I mentioned her before when her son received a scholarship back in Feb. 2007. The whole family is smart. You can read the whole article by Samanatha Hurst here.

University of Montevallo graduates
Several students from Helena received their diplomas recently. Here's the list:

Richard Adams, MED, Helena
Kristy Chason, MED, Helena
Megan Clark, BS, Helena
William Cofer, BS, Helena
Dru Cunningham, MS, Helena
Amiee Dunavant, BS, Helena
Daniel Evans, MED, Helena
Meredith Giangrosso, MED, Helena
Christi Hamm, BS, Helena
Tara Hayhurst, BS, Helena
Thomas Hinds, BBA, Helena
Rebecca Johnsey, BM, Helena
Tami Mitchell, BS, Helena
Jennifer Morris, MED, Helena
Jaime Scurlock, BS, Helena
Spencer Stone, MED, Helena


jennyhope said...

26 years that is great! Maybe I will finish my online courses before then! LOL

Leigh said...

Kudos to all!!!

Anonymous said...

No mention of Tommy car #93 at Shelby County Speedway placing 3rd May 24th.Might have been a past race.

Jimmy said...

Hey! Help me get in touch with you! Please! I gotsta axe you something.

your bud from the blogosphere &=)

HEWY said...

JennyHope-I have seen two friend finish their degrees online. It seemed like they did alot of post on boards and powerpoints.

Leigh-It's awesome isnt it!

Anon1-I should have posted the link so i could go back and look.

Jimmy-nosleepinhelena at

Kathy said...


You now have 3 friends that have finished their degrees online. I turned in my last paper the day that lady graduated Huntington. Whoooo-hooooo! It only took me 20 years!


HEWY said...

That;s Great Kathy! Its ood to see so many people knocking it !!