Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Fitness and Hearing in Helena

Oh Snap!
John alerted me to a sign going in the shopping center on 58 and 95. It turns out to be a placed called Snap Fitness. It is part of a national chain and even has a Helena website up with a section to get a free pass. I saw that the lights were on but it looks like there was still some construction cleanup left before it opens.

Larry Childers
Marienne Thomas-Ogle wrote a great article in the Bham News about this weekend's Charity Concert. The focus was on Larry Childers. It discusses his life and why Bo Bice and so many others are so determine to have a charity concert in his honor. I had met Mr. Childers many times while voting in Helena. He stood out with his white mustache and his handshake but I never knew he was a hearing child from two deaf parents. It is wild, if you think about, what his childhood was like where the house was silent and all communication in the family was through sign language. It is amazing when you think about all he accomplished and all the people's lives he affected. Tomorrow, I'll post the events list like we did for the BCF and then I guess I'll see everybody there! Full Story


Dr. Chuck said...

Oh my God, I am a member of SNAP in Hoover and this one might even be closer to the house. I am psyched for this. The gym is great and the 24 hour aspect is excellent as well.

Dr. Chuck said...

I love SNAP! They have one in Hoover that we've been using for a while but this one might be closer! The 24 hour aspect is wonderful, you're going to love it.

HEWY said...

Dr.Chuck-I must admit I am tempted by the 24 hour service. If they have free wireless then I might be sold so I can exercise and blog at the same time.

The best exercise is chasing after Ken in the woods.