Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Tuesday in Helena

Last night was the Helena Buck Creek Civitan Elections. Pictured above is Connie Clark, Donna Vildibill, Karen Miller, Dusti Chuang, Beth Scharding, Jordan Medley, Christie Levio, and Pete Morris.

Samantha Hurst wrote an article about tailgating and mentioned Helena's Monkey Basket and owner Judy Ellington. She discusses with her about tailgate supplies and what was offered at her store.

Drug Grant
A Shelby County Reporter article announces that Gov. Riley gave a $475,000 grant to the Shelby County Drug Task Force which includes Helena's Police Department.

Sorry for all the short blips of news but I'm getting geared up for the Jammin at the Junction party this weekend and trying to finish reading the Lost Symbol by Dan Brown. So far I have learned that the National Catheral of the United States has Darth Vader as a gargoyal...only in America. So far it is a great read except for two "O Really" moments. I've promised a friend the book tomorrow and then I'll donate it to the library if anyone wants to read it. It will be the only with the gnome hidden in the pages.


HotRod said...

I think you left someone off that photo...

MissBossyPants said...

Gosh, we Civitans look like we had just been served baskets and baskets of bread by the guys at Nino's!

Thanks for posting the photo & the news on Buck Creek Civitan, Hewy.