Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Great Helena Flood

Helena Flood Rescue
Marienne Thomas-Ogle of the Bham News reported that the Helena Police "rescued a Helena woman today who slipped and was washed into a storm drain by rushing water from heavy rains as she walked through her flooded backyard adjacent to Shelby County 95". It occurred in the Woodvale neighborhood. The police were able to rescue here minutes after the 911 call. What a wild story but today's post is full of weather related news. Full article
*- if you can view the youtube video above it may be your work's firewall.

Coalmount Collapse
A section of Coalmount Road which is a major route to Helena Middle school was closed after part of the road became unstable due to erosion by the rain. You can see it to the right of the road closed sign. It is close to the Publix/Ace hardware side of the road. It is unlikely they will have it repaired by the morning so check a map for an alternate route (I cut through the neighborhood and came out across from Winn Dixie). I did notice at least 3 vehicles using the unopen section of the Hillsboro parkway and that someone moved the barrels. They are having the detour through the recently opened section of the Hillsboro Parkway.

The Great Helena Flood '10
The Internet is also being flooding with pictures of the water levels. Shadow Law Gold range is now only a lake and the waterfalls are under water as the Helena Amphitheater trees are the only thing visible. What will make matters worst is that we are expecting 6 more inches. Thanks for all the photos from everyone. I wanted to use them all but settled on Bama Belle's photo of the waterfall or water hump.

Inclement Weather Class
They must be able to tell the future because HFD Heath H. Bartlett scheduled a Tornado awareness and preparedness class today (Thursday) at 7pm at Helena City Hall. Famous Helena Weatherman Brian Peters will be giving the presentation. Last time they had Crazy Lady Cakes snacks and door prizes so it is perfect timing and something interesting to do this tonight.

Raining Victory
It was also raining victory! The Helena Panther Baseball game against Chelsea won 10-0 in the first game and 6-2 in the 2nd game! Way to go and thanks to SW for the heads up!

Floating Flotsam
I've had these in my inbox but kept forgetting to pass it along.

-Author Brady Jones was featured by photographer Gretchen on her Blog

-Farmer Dance Off: Don;t forget to keep voting for the Farmer Family Dance off. They have 84 votes so far but need more Farmer Family Dance

-Blue to Green: Helena resident Allison is also a store manager of the local gap. She passed along they will be giving discount if you bring in your old blue jeans which will be recycled into eco-friendly insulation to homes in America that have been affected by natural disasters.

-Big Man on Campus- You may recall the story of the Thomas Achey of Helena who was running for Big Man on Campus at Auburn. Several asked how they could donate. Here is where you send the checks: Zeta Tau Alpha Foundation with Thomas Achey in the "For" line. His address is 935 Lem Morrison Drive / Auburn, AL 36832

-Electric Water: Might be having an X-prize for whoever can produce a working hydro generator for the waterfalls. The Helena's electricity needs used to be powered by the waterfalls and I thought it would be a fun activity for students or groups to see who can produce the best working model. Let me know if you are interested in setting up this contest. I'm still trying to get the contacts in order as well as the rules. It would make a fun addition to the Helena Homecoming event this Summer.

-Hospital Help: This might be cryptic but HI. I dont know how you knew but Thanks!

What did you say?

Only 2 more days before the Lucky Irish Gnome Hunt?

I hope he didnt get washed away. Fortunately , pots of gold are heavy.

*In case you dont know, we have gnome hunts around here with prizes. If you search the blog you'll see that Helena has a rich gnomic history. Weather permitting, we'll start posting clues on the blog on Saturday morning so you can give the family some physical and mental exercise and maybe win your very own Helena Gnome!


Bama Belle said...

We are getting our gnome hunting gear together! LOL

LesleyD said...

OMG Hewy!! That's some incredible video footage!! I don't think I've ever seen the Cahaba that high in Helena before. I hope you and your family are high and dry.

Abbey said...

Glad you posted the video of the waterfall that was ... I've never seen the water that high .. scarey stuff!


Anonymous said...

Video appears to be Buck Creek and not the Cahaba River as LesleyD says.

Leigh of Bloggeritaville said...

Nicice video.
Nice touch with the music. Thats awesome. I like.

HEWY said...

BamaBelle-I dont think this one will be hard. It might be the shortest.

Lesly-Thanks Lesley

Abbey- You could hear it roaring

Anon- It is

Leigh-That is a karaoke version of "Here comes the rain again"

LesleyD said...

Actually Buck Creek is a Tributary of the Cahaba. So by calling it the Cahaba I'm not all that off.

When I commented yesterday I was thinking about the more northern end of the Cahaba as seen from 280 by Target is HUGE right now. Ya'll stay dry in Helena!!