Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Tejano, Helena Market, Bus Safety and the Best place to Live and more

Tejano’s Bar and Grill
I stopped by the new Tex-Mex place over on county road 95. It is still the same owners Mario and Esmeralda Pena but they have totally revamped the vibe of the place. The manager is Terenzo (sp). I stopped by and got some Nacho’s to go and sat at the bar while they prepared it. The inside is a little darker than before and the tables by the wall have a neat little roof with a light hanging from it. I thought the inside looked great and I also learned that “Tejano” is Spanish for “Texan”.
I was trying to add them to four-square when Nick Dimario who used to own Belly Fillers walked by and we started talking about Tejano’s. He told me that they have a bakery. I walked with him to the side and met Esmeralda Pena who finishing a Tres Leches (three milk) cake. They also had churros, dougnuts , and other confections whose name I do not know. She said that the bakery will be open 6:30am but you can only get to it by the side door until 11am when the main entrance opens. She said the bakery will retain the name Gordo’s. Here’s all the details:

Its address is 2991 Hwy 95 Helena AL and their phone is 205-621-0404
It is open 11am-9pm Monday and Thursday. Then on Friday and Saturday it is 11am-10pm and on Sunday it is 11am to 5pm. For the Gordo’s Bakery 6:30am-5pm (via side door before 11am)

Vote for Helena Market Days
Our very own Farmer’s Market is in the running to be chosen as one of the best farmer’s market in the nation. You can help by voting here: Farmland Vote . Speaking of Helena Market Days... They will have music from Andre Taylor and Chef Gray Byrum of Echelon Catering who will be giving a chef demonstration at 9am with Rosemary Mojo Marinated Pork Loin with Boniato and Marinated Tomatoes. (Boniato - is the "white" red potato). You can read more about both of them at the Helena Market Days website: Helena Market Days

Fan Favorite Best Town of 2011
I saw that Helena was under consideration for the CNN/Money Magazine Best places to live. They also have a way you can vote for Helena as a fan favorite by liking it on facebook. The 10th place only has 105 "likes" so I know we can get to that if everyone goes to the link and likes Helena, AL. Here’s the link: Cnn Money link

Fashion Extravaganza and Tea
Next week (Sat, August 27th at 1:00 p.m) will be the Second Annual Fashion Extravaganza and Tea to be held at Grace Christian Church on 869 Highway 52 in Helena . They will have women's clothing featuring Christopher & Banks and young children's clothing featuring Castles & Crowns. The event will also have other vendors and food. They are selling tickets for $5. You can call 205.621.8316 or 205.902.1212 for more info.Link to Flyer

Friends of the Library
If you are a member of the Friends of Helena Library or if you want to become one, the next meeting is this Thursday at 6pm at the library.

Bus Safety
With school in session it is good to remember Bus safety. I had a bus driver tell me the story of how people will drive around a school bus when it has its stop signs out. He is the traffic fines for it:

1st. offense: $150-$300 Fine
2nd offense: $300-$500 Fine, 100 hrs. community service, 30 days license suspension
3rd offense:$500-$1000 Fine, 200 hrs. community service, 90 license suspension
4th offense: $1000-$3000 Fine, Class "C" Felony, one year license suspension

Warehouse Racetrack Lounge
I received an email from Alan Burton about his offering of lounge space at his indoor racetrack in Helena. "The Warehouse will be offering this for pre-sale until 32 spots are filled. What this will offer you is access for a 12 month period to our indoor heated/cooled pit/lounge room. We will offer 32-35 2'x5' pit areas complete with nice chairs, power, cable tv, heat/air and also a lounge area to relax on. This will be your personal spot for a 12 month period.

In addition to the use of the room you will get unlimited free practice during our practice days/hours at the Warehouse. The more you come to practice the more you save(normally $12 per person).Last but not least you will save 10% on your race entries at the Warehouse Raceway. If your a consistent racer at the Warehouse you will save much more than the value of this package!"
Alan's email is alanburton20@gmail.com

Murder Map
Jeremy over at the bham news has interesting map of murders that have occurred in the Birmingham/Shelby area: Google Map


Anonymous said...

Tejano means a Texan of Mexican descent--not Texas.

Anonymous said...

Sorry--I meant to say "not Texan". Never try to proofread your own work.

Anonymous said...

Is Tejano's a smoke free restaurant. I do not like to eat at places that allow smoking so was wondering before I went to try it out.

HEWY said...

Anon1/2: Ahh, did not know that. Thanks!

Anon3: I didnt think about that when I went last time so I swung by the morning and saw the "no smoking" symbol on their door.