Thursday, November 10, 2011

Library, Bond Deals, Hiking, Willow and Divas

Important Trash Pickup: There is no trash pickup on Friday due to Veterans day. So all Friday Trash will be picked up today along with Thursday trash. So get those trash bins out there or it will be a smelly weekend. Also I may update this post later in the day so check back in case something big happens.

Helena Library Event
The Helena Library has a Veterans Day Display at 10am. November is "Visit the Helena Library" month and you have only 7 more days to visit the Helena Library to register for fabulous prizes and maybe you will be walking out with the Amazon Kindle if you enter your name in the drawing. You can also use that kindle to download books at the Helena Library for free.
Helena High Bond Deal
The Helena City News reported that Mayor Penhale, on Wednesday, signed the paperwork for bonds totaling $1,671,800 which will be used to purchase the land from USS for the Helena High School. Amanda Traywick, the City Clerk, posted this photo on facebook. Here's the full article: Helena City Newsletter.
Doing 50 for 50
Neal Wagner posted an article and this picture of Donnie Sisk who is from Helena and the youth pastor at 1st Baptist of Pelham. For his 50th Birthday we decided to hike on the Appalachian Trail. He is going to spend 5 days hiking, biking, and paddling 150 miles. It is like his own personal Iron Man. You can read the full story here: Shelby County Reporter

Willow House

I'm adding a website for Ana Baker's Willow House Website. On her website it states "The company mission revolves around generosity, hospitality and bringing warmth and beauty into homes, and to help foster these feelings in others". The website has items for Kitchen, Dining, Decorations, and Outdoor living. You can contact her directly at: and 205-441-1477
Here is the website: Willow House Website

Diva in Helena
The Bham Dining Dina came and did a review of Lucia's in Helena. (Update)Also here is a coupon from her site that Linda gave me:  Here's the clip on youtube
 Updated: Police Report

Oct. 24
-Theft of property from Sam Lilly at 4600 Highway 52 West (specialty store). Stolen was 300 pounds of scrap stainless steel valued at $600.
-Identity theft from the 8000 block of Shady Trail (specialty store).
-Domestic incident from the 1200 block of Old Cahaba Trace (residence, home).
-Domestic incident from the 200 block of Stone Creek Way (residence, home).

Oct. 25
-Harassing communications from the 1300 block of Dearing Downs Circle (residence, home).
-Domestic incident from 2800 Aster Lake Road (residence, home).

Oct. 26
-Unlawful possession of drug paraphernalia from Market Place Drive (parking lot, garage). Recovered were hypodermic needles valued at $1, a tablespoon with a black handle and heroin residue valued at 5 cents, a Q-Tip, and an aluminum soda can bottom used as a cooking device with heroin residue.
-Domestic incident from the 1100 block of Long Leaf Lakes Drive (residence, home). Recovered was a Norenco 7.62×39 rifle, a Taurus .357-magnum handgun and a North American Arms .22 revolver.
-Domestic violence from the 1400 block of Long Leaf Lakes Drive (residence, home).

Oct. 27
-Domestic incident from County Road 91 at Adams Street (highway, street).
-Driving under the influence from County Road 91 at Hillsboro Parkway (highway, street).
-Minor in consumption of alcohol from Highway 91 at Hillsboro Parkway (highway, street).
-Damage to property from the 1900 block of Rive Ridge Road (residence, home). Damaged were evaporator coils on an air conditioning unit in the amount of $1,500.
-Domestic incident from the 1100 block of Long Leaf Lakes Drive (residence, home).
-Warrant arrest from the Gardendale Police Department (government, public building).

Oct. 28
-Driving under the influence from County Road 91 at Hillsboro Parkway (highway, street).

Oct. 29
-Failure to appear – traffic from the Huddle House in Vestavia Hills (parking lot, garage).
-Recovered property from the Kangaroo Express on Highway 95 (convenience store). Recovered was a Shelby County Sheriff’s Department reserve badge valued at $100.
-Warrant arrest from Highway 52 West at the Helena Fire Station (highway, street).

Oct. 30
-Domestic violence from the 100 block of Griffin Drive (residence, home).
-Damage to property from the Plantation Pipeline Company (other, unknown). Damaged was 50 feet of a chainlink fence and posts in the amount of $1,000.
-Driving under the influence – combined and unlawful possession of marijuana from Highway 261 near Walgreens (highway, street).
-Harassing communications from the 400 block of River Oaks Lane (residence, home).
-Warrant arrest from Morgan Road at South Shades Crest Road (highway, street).

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