Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Well Hello there, 2013!

New Business for the New Year
A new business for the new year. The Helena Mercantile is having a grand opening is Jan 5. Once open their hours will be 10:30-6:30 Tuesday-Saturday. Amy Webb is the owner and the store will feature women's wearables, shoes, accessories and gifts boutique. If you click on the link you can see their facebook page. 4052 Helena Road, Helena, Alabama 35080 (205) 663-0060. Here is the official press release:
Helena Mercantile (clothing boutique) will be having a grand opening on Saturday, Jan. 5, 2013.  Shop owner Amy Webb has asked you to be in attendance, say a few words… I told her that the Chamber of Commerce does the official “ribbon cuttings” but that if she wanted to set up her own materials you could say a few words and cut it.  Laura Brookhart from the Reporter will be there doing photos while you are there.  The store opens at 10:30 AM; I told her you would be there at 11:00 AM.  The address is 4052 Helena Road.  Her number is 205.602.4746

Found Dog
 Rachael has found this little dog, black and tan, kind of like a chihuahua or dauchsand mix. She said she is sweet and she know she came from a good home. She was found Dec. 30 in Wyndham Neighborhood, about a block from McDonald's, Wyndham Parkway off Hwy 17. No collar or microchip.She looks like a black and tan Chihuahua. Less than 10 lbs. If she is yours then email me and I will give you their phone.

New Year Predictions
Okay my election predictions have been better than my New year predictions but I still like to try based on what I know so here comes my soothsaying:

I predict that in 2013 in Helena:
1. We will have a well known national chain open in a prominent location
2. The Bypass will still not happen
3. A major development in Helena will make State wide news.
4. A landmark will be changed permamently
5. A student will be recognized on the national level
6. Helena housing market starts growing again
7. An important part of Helena is lost

Remember that "today is the first blank page of your 365 page novel called 2013. Write a good one".

Ariel View of Helena
Awesome video by Stacey Cobb at Southeastern Aerial·on youtube. It is an aerial tour of Helena Amphitheater! They must have attached a camera to a helicopter but it is views you have never seen before so check it out!! There direct link is youtube but here is the video!

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