Tuesday, March 26, 2013

A Poem, some Easter Help, and City Council

Vote for Local Poem
Samuel Kent is in a Children's poetry writing competition. It's been going on for a couple of weeks and he has made it from one of 64 competitors to the Elite 8. His competitor this round is tough. He needs help spreading the word about his poem. You can vote for him until 9pm on Tuesday so go out there and help him out. It is easy to vote. He has 177 and his competitor has 193 when I voted last but I know we can put him over. Here is the link: http://www.thinkkidthink.com/9-triad-vs-15-beneficiary/

Easter Help
You heard about the Daniel Johns and his family losing everything in a fire and the home was uninsured. Mike Roy wanted to help them out right before Easter since they wouldn't have any additional money for presents. He has spoken to the owners of Jet-Pep, BP and Fox Valley gas stations about setting up a donation for the families. So if you have a chance, you can leave a donation there.

City Business
These are not the official minutes of the Council meeting but just my notes which are incomplete. For an official minutes contact the City Clerk.

4:30pm Pre-Council Meeting Topics

1. Amphitheater Rental procedures: Mike Jones researched other venues and came up with a policy. It would have lower prices but have there would be add-on options like for stage rental, power, and options for booths. It would also cover the city cost of trash, and staff.  They will look at adding comments about sound ordinance and right of refusal.

2. Rental of Pavilions: The reservations would be limited to Joe Tucker and Cahaba Lily Pavilions on Saturday and Sunday. Would also like to see the fee form and how many people can reserve it on the same day before a vote. Mayor mentioned that he was looking at changing a schedule, so a sanitation worker would be available to person to clean up on Saturday in the parks. Currently Helena Parks open from 6am to 10pm.

3. Moving Joe Tucker Playground: There was an issue with insurance with having a playground behind field and a need to have a playground at the Sports Complex. The Parks and Rec director requested that any changes be delayed until the trail head is completed. He also said the bathrooms at Joe Tucker need upgrade. A new issue was brought up that moving the playground would require it to comply with new standards but it would not. There was a suggestion to buy brand new playground equipment for the sports complex off Ruffin Road. Cris Nelson said that a new playground can cost $10-$15,000. Mike Jones said he would volunteer to help raise the money for a new playground at sports complex. Mayor suggested safety netting in Joe Tucker to resolve the issue for the outfield.

4. Buck Creek Festival: Cris Nelson reported that the festival is in its 12th Year. The Festival started with one band and 30 vendors. It has grown to 2 days, 12 bands, with charities like Safehouse (duck race), Kiwanis (playground), and Band Boosters (pancake). The event has raised $172,000 charities in the history. Last year rain caused a loss for the first time ever. Currently they are trying to find more sponsors.
6pm Council Meeting

Mayor Hall Report: Mayor Hall gave his report.  The Fire department had 78 calls this month:  EMS 64%, 2 fire calls, 3 inspections.  The Helena police had: 22 felonies, 11 misdemeanors, a vandalism which was solved the next day. The Birmingham police thanked Helena police in recent assistance.  Joe Jolly, met with the Mayor and the city will maintain our current credit rating. There was some concern that ours would drop last year. It will assist the City in a refinance on capital improvement bond. The Mayor announced new employees in the City. (The spelling is probably wrong so I will have to correct later) they had a new Police officer Cassy o' Farley (sp?), and Jerry Saben(sp?)  in fire department. In the street department they hired Dale Bailey and Rick Rollan was hired part time for parks. He said that Lily, the new secretary, at the park was working out well.  The Mayor signed an agreement with Dave Smith to do the Helena City News for one year agreement. Former Council member Katherine Ennis is helping to write the paperwork for ACE submission.

Donation: Alan Farmer from Farmer guard ran promotion and raised money $375 for Helena Parks and Recreation. Way to Go!

April Autism Awareness: Jennifer Johnson, whose son was diagnosed with Autism, gave a report to the city council about how one in 50 children are affected. On April 2nd it will be world autism day. She asked that the city join in the “Light it up Blue” program by allowing Blue Lights at City Hall to show the city’s support for autism.  Leigh Hulsey said that she had an event at her gym to raise money on April 13th at CrossfitAlabaster. Jennifer also said that Helena was the Best place to raise a child but would like to make it the best place to raise a special need child. The Council voted to participate all month in Light it Up Blue program to support Autism awareness. I would also encourage everyone to check out the website and consider putting a blue light at their house.

April Sexual Violence Awareness: Safehouse of Shelby County said that one in five women have experience sexual violence before they graduate from college . They asked the council to support a proclamation to support Sexual Violence Awareness.
Buck Creek Festival Ad: Tabled next Monday Night
Home Occupation License Request: Morningside Drive request tabled because the man was unable to attend the meeting.
Park and Rec Pavilion Rental: Tabled until next Monday

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I just wanted to pass along my thanks for sharing the link to the poetry competition. It was a close race, but I didn't move on to the final rounds. That said, the competition continues and Helenaites should still visit and read the outstanding work that will come from the final rounds.