Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Pippa, Jobs, and Homebuyers

Photo of Romance by the Helena Falls captured by Jennifer Fulmer
Helena Best for Homebuyers
Where are Alabama's best places for homebuyers? According to a new study, the number one place in Alabama is Helena! See the ranking below
1. Helena in Shelby County
2. Taylor in Houston County
3. Pelham in Shelby County
4. Vestavia Hills in Jefferson County
5. Madison in Madison County
6. Hartselle in Morgan County
7. Hokes Bluff in Etowah County
8. Mountain Brook in Jefferson County
9. Southside in Etowah County
10. Glencoe in Etowah County

According to the website, No. 1 Helena has a young demographic (35 percent are between the ages of 25-44), a good education system and low crime rate, making it the best spot in Alabama to buy a house. Plus y'all are intelligent and good lookin' too ;)

Pippa Dapsit
Tommy and Kelly Daspit's "18 month old baby in Helena, Alabama, became ill with high fevers on October 18. What her parents thought would be a short-lived common cold, has persisted into a relentless illness. For now 17 days (as of Nov. 3), she has continued to run fevers often reaching over 106. The doctors are baffled by her illness. In the past 2 weeks, she has undergone CT scans, bone scan, spinal tap, multiple blood tests, and is scheduled to have a bone marrow biopsy".

"All her tests have returned negative, which continues to add to the mystery of her cause of illness.
Pippa has been receiving care at Children's Hospital for over a week. Her mom, Kelly, is a teacher who has taken a leave of absence from work. Her dad, Tommy, is self-employed and he has had to put his business on hold for now. This, in addition to (as of yet) unknown medical expenses, is the reason for this GoFundMe".

"In total, the Daspits have four children. In addition to Pippa, there is Wilder, Aanae, and Evan, ages 8 to 11. Kelly and Tommy would like to extend their appreciation for the friends, family, and strangers who have poured out their prayers, love, and support for little Pippa. Thank you for any measure of support for this little one and her family".

Helena is Hiring
The City of Helena is hiring and you can find out more here: CITY OF HELENA
Also Jacks, Regions, CVS and the new Marcos Pizza are also hiring in Helena.

Nannies and Errands
Rachel Leanne Jenkins was interviewing on Talk of Alabama about her services for finding and screening nannies for families and finding people to run errands for families who are really busy. She even has a smart phone app and have been in the business for 14 years. You can see her full interview at: Talk Of Alabama: Nannies. You can also find out more at:

The Helena Huskies 6th Grade Cheerleaders performed "Thriller" this past weekend. If you missed it then you can check it out below... If you see an empty space then you are probably at work behind a firewall ;)

End Video
Play of the Week
Helena's WR Justin Stuckey is in 2nd place with 400 votes for the Play of the Week. Let's see if we can put him over the top. Click the link below to see his play and give him a vote:

Bunco Group
Laura Shaw-Schenck shared there is a Monday night, female only Bunco group. If there are people out there who would like to meet up. Here is their page:

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