Thursday, April 07, 2016

Helena Weekend Events

I Love the Helena Library
Today (Thursday 4/7/16) from 10am-6pm come celebrate "I Love Helena Library" by stopping by and checking out all the dvds, audiobooks, graphic novels, and book collection at your hometown library, They are also having a book sale to raise money to make the library even cooler. I will swing by at lunch and we can kid around with Library Director Dan Dearing.

Water and Hydrants
The HFD will be testing fire hydrants in Dearing Downs Thursday afternoon

Meeting the Governor
John Madderra and his son Casey, were invited to meet the governor last week for a ceremony proclaiming April as "Adrenal Insufficiency Awareness Month". "Pictured are (left to right):  Ashley (AI advocate), Chief Mike Bartlett and Chief Jason Baker from Rocky Ridge Fire Dept (who helped me get a statewide EMS protocol in place which allows paramedics to administer life saving medication to adrenal insufficient patients), Gov. Bentley, Dana (AI advocate), my son Casey (blue shirt), me, and my older son, Joshua.  Gov. Bentley was very gracious with his time and even teased Joshua for sneezing just prior to the ceremony.  He even gave my sons keepsake pens"!

This is amazing to have them involved in the important cause to help paramedics get adrenal to those who need it. A big Way to Go to all of them!

Helena Weekend Events Summary
What an amazing Weekend in Helena. Helena is hosting the State Pokemon Championship at HMS, we have the Carnival in town, the hanging of the flowers in Old Town and live music. This is the coolest place in the world to live. Here is a quick summary with more details below:

5:30-10pm Spring Fling Carnival at Helena Elementary School
7pm Bos and Huck performs at Papa Saia's in Old Town by the Waterfalls
7pm Blue Devils performs at the Coal Yard in Old Town Helena
7pm Karaoke at Rio's Bar and Grill

8am Old Town Flower basket Planting 8am at Caboose
10am-10pm Spring Fling Carnival at Helena Elementary School
7pm Tommy Crowder performs at Papa Saia's in Old Town by the Waterfalls
7pm Velvet Lining performs at the Coal Yard in Old Town Helena
7pm Karaoke at Rio's Bar and Grill

1pm-5pm Spring Fling Carnival at Helena Elementary School

Helena Flower Baskets 
Join the Helena Beautification Board as the plant the Flower Baskets for Old Town Helena. They will meet at the Helena's Red Caboose near the waterfall. Not only will you be helping to make those beautiful baskets but you can also learn how to do it for your house. Imagine a city full of flowers.

Papa Saia's 
Weekend news and entertainment
Thursday----Broach and Bongo
Friday--------Bos and Huck
Saturday----Tommy Crowder
Fried Wickle pickles, boiled shrimp bowl, fried squash

The Coal Yard 
This week at the Coal Yard :
Thursday we have lasagna for lunch and it is thirsty Thursday. Kyle Kimbrell starts playing at 6:30.
Friday is our Fried shrimp special for lunch. The Blue Devils hit the stage at 7 pm.
Saturday we have happy hour from 4 til 7. The Velvet Lining starts playing at 7.
Then Sunday we are back open for brunch from 11 until 3.
Come enjoy a good time at the Coal Yard this week.

Spring Fling
Carnival Rides and Games will be taking over the playground at Helena Spring Fling. The bright lights will be here Friday- Sunday. Be sure to bring cash because they dont take credit and also get them an armband. See the picture above for all the events and times. This is a perfect time to have some fun with your children and make some happy memories... Or you can recreate the ending of Grease with a bunch of your friends better shape up!

Pokemon Championship
Helena has been chose to host the Alabama State Pokemon Championship. Robin Baker Williams shared that is is also a big fundraiser for the Helena Middle School PTO. Since my children used to play Pokemon, they are coming back from college to play. I will try to play with a theme deck, if anyone can knock me out of the championship  then I will make a donation to the HMS PTO!

Here are the details from the International Pokemon Website:

Tournament Name: Alabama State Championships
Tournament ID: 16-04-000107
CategoryTCG: Standard
Date: April 09, 2016
Registration: 9:00AM to 10:00AM

Premier Event:  (2016) State/Province Championships

Organizer Information
Organizer Name: Chris Clark
Organizer Phone: 334-434-0241

Location or Business: Helena Middle School
Address Line 11299 Hillsboro Parkway
Address Line 2
City: Helena
Province/State: Alabama
Postal/Zip Code: 35080
Country: United States

Junior Division Admission $10.00
Senior Division Admission $10.00
Masters Division Admission $15.00

This tournament will be in Standard Format using only cards from the following sets: XY—Kalos Starter Set, XY, XY—Flashfire, XY—Furious Fists, XY—Phantom Forces, XY—Primal Clash, Double Crisis, XY—Roaring Skies, XY—Ancient Origins, BREAKthrough, BREAKpoint,McDonald’s Collection 2014, Black Star Promo Cards: XY01 and higher

The tournament will be played best of 3 rounds of swiss at 50 min each. Top cut will be determined by attendance at the tournament. Prizes will be announced at the event. You don't want to miss these awesome prizes!! Also, door prizes will be given out to each age group!!

First 10 Juniors who pay an extra 5 dollars gets an exclusive Playmat!!
First 10 Seniors who pay an extra 5 dollars gets an exclusive Playmat!!
First 30 Masters who pay an extra 5 dollars gets an exclusive Playmat!!
We will not be having a lunch break at this event but we will be having concessions at the venue. The concessions sold will help benefit the Helena Middle School Parent Teacher Organization.
Come out and have fun!!! I hope to see everyone there!!

Helena Rescue!
A big way to go to the Helena Fire for this rescue last week on the River. Click this link to see the full video

Future Events
SAVE THE DATE for the Hillsboro Community Annual Spring Yard Sale!! Over 30+ homes!! Saturday April 16th 7-12:0

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