Monday, March 06, 2017

Day 1: Guest Blogger Brian Puckett

Hewy is out of town meaning only one thing…. I am “trusted” with the blog this week.  Many of you are probably wondering how can it be true that someone with no experience has been left with the keys to the car.  Well, those were my thoughts too but here I am ready to give you the updates and some smiles for the week.

For everyone that doesn’t know me, I am Brian Puckett. I have been a resident of Helena for 12 years now and am constantly looking for ways to get in trouble without truly getting in trouble. Many people say that I am sarcastic, but I rebut it with I am extremely witty to a fault. I attempt to be involved with as much as possible around the community from being a part of the HES PTO to coaching soccer to being Vice Chairman of the Helena Beautification Board.

For my first day of ransacking the No Sleep in Helena blog I am going to talk briefly about 2 major events that happened this weekend in Helena; the Beautification Board’s Annual Clean Up Day and the first ever Helena Business Association Expo.

First was the Clean Up Day where residents showed up really (extremely) early Saturday morning to clean up the landscape in Old Town. During this event, not only was everything spruced up but a ton of new sustainable roses were planted throughout. All in all it was a great event where people of all ages came out to support the community.

The Helena Business Expo was where it was happening to see all of the local businesses and get some awesome deals. Yes, I walked away with one sweet Helena blue Yeti cup. In this first year of the now annual event everyone was treated to a true showcase of what the local businesses are bring to the table. To the companies that were there and all of the individuals that put the event together…. Well done!

Each day this week while Hewy is departed from us, I will be posting about something that is happening or gonna happen in Helena so be sure to check back every day.

Guest Blogger,
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