Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Guest Blogger: Brian Day 2

Hey Hey Hey Folks!!  I am back at it again today.  I haven’t gotten to boot yet.  Today, I thought we could chit chat about the ‘ability” of Helena.  Raise your hand if you think this guy is off his rocker.  Okay now look around at the people staring at you for randomly raising your hand.

Over time our great little town has become winner of many accolades that are driven on what I call the “ability” of the city. We all have to admit that our city officials and city departments do a heck-of-a job at making our city rank tops in about every poll known to mankind but it is us as residents that put the cherry on top. Pat yourself on the back for the accomplishment.

Livability and sustainability are two of the “abilities” that shine a bright spot light on our small dot on the map.  Both are controlled by all of us.  You’re like…..whatttt? So let’s talk about it for a minute. Have you looked outside at your yard? One of the core missions of the Helena Beautification Board is to help promote sustainability and livability through education on makin’ your yard pretty.  I talked yesterday about the different types of roses that were planted this past weekend in Old Town.  Did you know that soon we will have a ton of brilliant colors blooming with very like work involved?  And soon you will be able to see a small sign next to all of them that you can scan the QR code with your phone to learn more about each one and how to plant.

We are all busy, so why not plant some Earth-Kind roses or perennials in your yard?  The different plants that are designated as Earth-Kind have gone through tons of research to prove themselves.  No need to be an expert or have a green thumb to get them going. With these plants you simply put them in the ground, water them for the first 3 or so months, and well nothing else.  In just a few minutes your just helped your property value and those around you, and I bet they thank you for that.

There is a bad “ability” that plaques us as a city…”Drivability”. Ok now everyone either just giggled to themselves or said in their head, that’s so true.  Just plan for it the next time you are out and about, but on the positive side, you’ll have tons of reaction time if someone pulls out in front of you.
Thanks to all that are reading while Hewy is out of town (party at his house)! 

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