Wednesday, March 08, 2017

Guest Blogger Brian Part 3

Photo by John Hodge.

Day 3 of my “blogging” is coming at you like a spider monkey.  I hope everyone had a great Taco Tuesday at either Senor Chef, El Patron, San Antonio Grill or Taco Bell. If you are like me trying to be healthy and all, it’s still okay to enjoy Taco Tuesday with a taco salad.  Just make sure you hold the salad stuff they try to put on it…not a rabbit today my friend.
Today is going to be a special day.  Who is ready for a shopping spree?  Make it local. When was the last time you walked into a “mom and pop” shop here in Helena?  You should!  There is some really cool, interesting and one of a kind stuff sitting just right behind the door of a local shop right here in Helena.

When shopping here in Helena a few things happen besides the sound of harps and flutes.  Your dollars make a difference.  Your shopping allows that snaggletooth son of the owner to get braces. Their daughter gets to take ballet, even though rhythm is not a strong suit.  And if that doesn’t pull at your heart strings, think of it this way, the taxes come back to you.  As Helena continues to grow, funds have to be put back into the infrastructure of the city like it has been the past few years to make sure we continue to rack up all those awards.  Everyone should go spend a few dollars at a local establishment and sing “Circle of Life” has they pay.

I say all of this for everyone to truly know how important it is to shop, eat and drink local.

Side note: The new Beef O’Brady’s will be holding a job fair this coming Sunday from 1:00 – 4:00 at their new location hiring for every position.  I can say that George, the owner is a great guy.
Thanks everyone for reading today and tomorrow we will catch everyone up to speed on all the things coming up.

Guest Blogger,
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