Thursday, March 09, 2017

Guest Blogger Day 4: Brian Puckett

Day 4 and I am still here.  Either this is going half way decent or no one is reading the blog while Hewy is out of town.  Either way… I am winning this battle! Don’t forget that time changes this coming Sunday morning. Can I get a hand clap for more daylight!!

In case you are wondering, at the time I am writing this April (the giraffe) still hasn’t had the baby.  Feel free to turn off the live cam as it was determined she is not pregnant, but just has a ton of gas hanging on from Taco Tuesday.

So yesterday I promised everyone an update on all of the things coming up in our awesome city.  Man, did I ever bite off a lot. At the end of this post I will also mention some things that may not be happening. Helena has a TON going on, so here goes…

This Weekend:
Thursday: March Trivia Night from 6:00 – 7:00 at Helena Library
Friday: Visitation for Mr. Zodie from 7:00 – 8:00 at Johnson Memorial
Friday Night: Drinks a-flowing at all of the local establishments that are legally allowed
Saturday: Life Celebration for Mr. Zodie at 11:00 being held at Kingwood Church in Alabaster
Saturday: Kari Kampakis speaking at Helena UMC for Mother’s and Daughter’s event from 10:00 – 12:00
Saturday Night: Drinks are still flowing at those local establishments

Big Events Coming Soon:
3/17 and 3/18: Chic Repeats Sale at Helena UMC
3/18: Helena High Bass Fishing Tournament at Lay Lake
3/18: Mustache Run for HHS Soccer Team at High School
3/23: Super Hero Party at Helena Library

4/1: Helena Beautification Board Annual Basket Planting at the Caboose
4/1: Helena Miracle League presents Womanless Beauty Pageant
4/7: The first First Friday of 2017
4/7, 4/8 and 4/9: Helena Elementary Spring Fling
4/15: Helena Easter Egg Hunt at the Amphitheater
4/15: Run for Their Lives Race
4/22: Founder’s Day

Things that may NOT happen in Helena:
A two story Target with a Starbucks and Long John Silvers in it, 1,000 truck Food Truck Rally in the OC, a Ruth Chris or flying trains but, then again, you never know.

Thanks everyone for reading today!!

Guest Blogger,
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