Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Dog Memorial in Helena

K9 Memorial 
Valerie Richards, the daughter of Officer Richards, has started a fundraiser to raise money for a monument to honor Police Dogs . She writes:

"As most of you know, our great City of Helena has recently lost our trusted and beloved Police K9, Bak. Bak served the Shelby County area faithfully and honorably for 9 years and pushed for more until his final moments. He, as well as our past K9s, impacted the community in a monumental way. From the brutally cold mornings to the blazing hot Alabama afternoons, these dogs push through day after day to protect the community".
"Keeping our streets free of crime is no easy job, but it is done everyday and it is done without complaint or expectation of praise. There is a reason we can rest our heads in our homes at night without worry. There is a reason we can send our children to the local school without fear. This is an honor in which this city is blessed. This is where we, the citizens, come in to play. This is where the City of Helena and surrounding communities step up, as our Police and Service K9s do for us everyday and night, to make a difference in their lives".

Valerie shares that this memorial will be a "beautiful bronze statue of the brave German Shepard". It will be up on a tall, stone engraved base at a Helena. "This sculpture will represent the Fallen and the Future Service K9s, as well as their handlers for decades to come.  Beautiful plaques with the dogs' names will be displayed under the life-sized monument".

Donations are greatly appreciated. Proceeds will be put toward the structure, shipping, and installation. Daughter of Officer Richards, Valerie, will be working alongside Captain Ivy Penhale to manage the contributions and where they will be going. Be a part of one of the biggest events of the City: contribute to the Service K9 Memorial to honor Hasco, Victor, Bak, and the many four legged fighters to come.

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