Tuesday, June 13, 2017

City Law Changes

City Council tonight: An average agenda allotted as assemble of achievements, an annexation, and an ameliorated amendment after allowing some American alliteration. The best and brightest of Helena was recognized in Helena but I will publish that soon but there is some big law changes in Helena

Quick post because some major changes in Helena laws after tonight

1. Fireworks are now legal for a set period for 4th of July and New Years. I will publish the new amendment soon. Thanks to Laura for tacking this complex issue. She is truley a blessing to the Council! Leigh was the only person who voted no on this but I think her logic was good and I am glad she shared her view to the debate. She is a great assets to the Council .The new hours 7-11 on 4th of July, 11:30-12:30 New Year's Eve.

2. Helena trash company republic raised their rates so Helena City Council voted to allow a new company to take over the process which results in saving the residents $6 a quarter with new company so expect postcards for new garage bins in the near future. So the new price is 12.50 a month which is charged quarterly so $37.50 a billing. The new contract date is Sept 1st
So you still need to pay republic thru then.

. If the Council didnt approve then residents would have paid much more. Santek also does Hoover and other cities. The Mayor did alot of work on this so we appreciate his efforts.

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