Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Weather Cam

Here is a great idea. You notice on network news they are always showing the weather cam of cities?

What if Helena did one?

I met with Dan Jerigan and his drone services to check out locations, Dam has a drone services and he is kind to let me scout out locations before drilling a tower. His website http://www.elevatedvue.com/

so we scanned some locations that were city owned and had power and here is what we found. Let me know what you think. Click for lager version!!

This is the Sport Center. It has Power and internet and shows the western Sky where I storms come. The bad is that is doesnt really showcase Helena.

This is the hill above Beef of Brady. There is no power but maybe Beef of Brady will give free internet accesses? The bad is that it shows the givt housing development. There is nothing wrong with that but still....
This is my favorite. The tornato siren over Old Town. It shows the western sky for storms. It shows the two train tracks so you can check why the traffic is backed up. The waterfall shows the flood level and there is the caboose. The bad side it show the back of stores and the traffic but we know that is a this a thing so who cares. This is my favorite...

Several people suggested the Helena High School stadium but we are on Shelby Property and if they dont want the web cam up then we have to take it down so I like the city property best.

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