Tuesday, November 05, 2019

Experimenting with ideas

Hey, I havent come out of Blogger retirement but experimewnting with ideas on how to document my new role as City Council president. Im thinking about using the old blog to store my notes or doing a livecast with the notes as a visual aid

I havent come out of retirement but I am exploring wants to document my role as City Council President. I want to spin up the podcast again and talk about City Council meetings but I need visual aids. So excuse me whileI play around with concepts

Friday, September 01, 2017

Countdown to the End: Hewy Nosleep is now Asleep

Ok, this is it. The end!

I have been put back in the hospital and there is no point belabouring the point that this is a sign to end it. Thank you for all the fun and happy memories. find a way to something good for someone every day if you get a chance. Good NIght!

Helena Beautiful

September 2017 Helena Beautification Award Winner

August 1, 2017 - The Helena Beautification Board is excited to announce that the Helena Beautification Award for September has been awarded to 1126 Dearing Downs Drive, Carol and Doug Rickles.

The tin roof of the ranch style home is perfectly situated in a neighborhood named for Thoroughbreds. The Rickles have called 1126 Dearing Downs Drive their home for the past 36 years, continuously working to make it the beauty it has become.

A sloping landscape allows your eyes to roll through the lush green grass up to an inviting porch where color and texture are on full display. “It’s a great place to sit and relax and unwind”, says Carol. Beautifully positioned planters surround you as you sit and relax and are full of various varieties of Caladium, Sun Patients, ferns and Morning Glory. The front porch is flanked by a graceful red Camilla that provides color in the winter months. Further down this planting bed, you’ll find pink Encore repeat blooming Azaleas as well as Anabelle Hydrangeas which are mixed in with rock hardscapes. No detail is too small. The back fence is the perfect backdrop for a gorgeous fragrant rose ‘Lamaraque’. This beautiful white noisette rose is joined on the fence by the sweet aroma of fragrance of Honeysuckle. A lover of birds, you’ll find a whimsical custom bird feeder positioned so it can be viewed from inside. “We took care of my mother in law and loved to watch the birds from the window each day. It brought her great joy in the final days of her life. We love Helena and have loved gardening on this lot for many years, said Rickles.

For more pictures and a full list of the plants planted at the Rickles’ Home visit www.helenabeautiful.com/award.html

The Beautification Award for October will be based on fall decorations, nominations will be accepted until the 25th with the winner being selected and notified at the first of the month.  The winner will be able to proudly display a yard sign for the month, have their picture and house published on the Helena Beautification website, Helena Beautiful Facebook page and in the local press.
To nominate a home to receive the Helena Beautification Award on October 1, go to www.helenabeautiful.com/award.html and submit the address.

The Helena Beautification Board is an appointed board of the Helena City Council.  The Board believes that people and places are profoundly connected and thriving communities are rooted in individual responsibility and action. They host a variety of opportunities for the community to come together and serve each year.  Events are posted on the Helena Beautiful Facebook page and announced via Twitter at @TweetHomeHelena.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

2006: Countdown to Hewy Goes to Sleep

2006 Hunt and Contest interaction Starts

After Bo Bice asked to autograph a golden gnome. It away to a reader in the hunt with the hunt. It had so many participants from around Shelby County. We didn't to start gave me an autograph gold gnome, I decided to give it away the autograph Bo Bice gnome reader with a gnome hunt so this is the year the No Sleep Contest and giveaways starts included the best decorated Christmas house in Helena and Halloween house

Gnome Hunt in Helena

A Lost Gnome in Helena

So do you like treasure hunts?

Reader ship to 2005-2006

Here starts the Countdown of the end of the No Sleep in Helena Blog.I am counting backward by year  until Hewy Noleep finally goes to Sleep. This recount the history of the bog before it is deleted.To Return to Blog: http://helena-alabama.blogspot.com/

Monday, August 28, 2017

2007: Countdown to Hewy Goes to Sleep

2007 was the year of Music in Helnena. The City saw a revival with the likes of Steve Norris
with Big Moutain Coffee Rio Incahoots music year

Helena Alabama this Saturday Night Music from Woodman on Vimeo.

Helena, Alabama Police Department

Missing Young Woman Update
Helena, Alabama Police Department
2 hrs ·
We are thankful to report that the Helena Police Department working with the invaluable assistance of Kinsley's family have located Kinsley and returned her to her family. We appreciate the support for her and her family and the outpouring of support from the community.

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Next City Council

816 Hwy 52 East, Helena, AL 35080
City Hall Council Chambers
August 28, 2017

COUNCIL WORK SESSION AGENDA                                                                 4:00pm    
A discussion and review of City Council agenda items, projects, department, committee, and board liaison reports, and task assigned for City operations and business.
1.      Review: 08/28/17 Agenda Items.
·        AP/Bill payments
·        08/14/2017 meeting minutes review
2.      Update from Council Boards & Committee Business.
3.      FYE 2018 Budget Review
4.      Confirmation: 09/11/17 Council Meeting & Work Session Agenda.

CITY COUNCIL MEETING AGENDA                                                                    6:00pm
1.      Meeting Called To Order    
2.      Invocation                      
3.      Pledge of Allegiance      
4.      Council Roll Call        
5.      Presentation of Minutes from 08/14/17.
6.      Revenue Report & (AP) Bill payment.
7.      Municipal Operations Report: Mayor Mark Hall
·        Departments: Police, Fire, Library, Streets, Sanitation, Utilities.
8.      Proclamation-September as GYN Cancer Awareness Month-Jennifer Smiley
9.      Resolution 08282017-ALDOT ACAA 59508-ATRP(013)-Intersection Improvements at CR-52 and CR-13
10.   Council Comments
11.   Adjournment

Proper notice of the posted Agenda for the Pre-Council Work Session and Regular Scheduled Meeting of the Helena City Council was given in advance of such public meeting and the notice remained posted through the scheduled meeting. By general consent of the Council, agenda items may be added, removed, or considered out of order. Next City Council Meeting Date:  Monday, September 11, 2017 @ 4:00 P.M. Work Session followed by the Regular Council Meeting 6:00pm.   

Saturday, August 26, 2017

2005: Countdown to Hewy Goes to Sleep

Here starts the Countdown to the end of the No Sleep in Helena Blog.I am counting backward by year until Hewy Noleep finally goes to Sleep. This recount the history of the blog before it is deleted.

2005 The Bice Blog Effect
 After rebranding the blog a Nosleep and Sharing local events, the blog slowing increase to 350 readers but an unexpected event pushed the blog to front page on google searches. The reason?

 A young Helena living the old log building in Old town Helena named Harold Elwin Bice was encouraged by his mom to an American idol tryout. Within days he captured the national imagination paged and everyone was searching google for Helena and information about Bo Bice.

Joy Children and other Helena City Leaders organized watch and call in parties and everyone was searching for times and voted for Bo Bice. There were even a Bo Bice day and free concerts and parades. The entire city came together to support the Young man who made it big.

After this year, the blog pulled up on the google search page. I could have started selling ads by the volumes but I wanted to stay anonymous and didn't want to sell out. I waned to continue to promote Helena businesses and cool events for free. I am glad I did. After that decision, business would then let me know when knew ones were coming and which ones were closing and opening which I could share with readers. I would hear complaints and ideas that would share with others. Trust was better.

The second big event for the blog is that I met Harold Deason of the original Inchoots. Since I worked nights, I would get off work and have :lunch. Breakfast at Incahoots . Harold Deason would sit around during lunch and take an order and share Helena stotes. He also ended up introducing me to the important residents from the planning commission like Jack Gray Jackson Knox and Tom tom Lefebvre. All men who were the heart of volunteers and Helena information. Nothing happened in the city without those 4 knowing about it and they always had funny stories about it as well.  I had tumbled into a treasure trove of large readership and lot of interesting stories about Helena happenings to shares The reader, could within seconds, could find all the Helena events coming up in the next few week with information and the history of the events. It wasn't long until I was volunteered with them and meeting more people and helped to make evens around Helena that is what makes Helena so special.

Deason and wife, Claudia, opened the original Incahoots in 1984 in Hoover before moving it to 4300 Helena Road.

According to an online poll by msnbc.com last week, 45 percent of people think Bice will win the entire competition.

Readership 2004-2005

Here starts the Countdown of the end of the No Sleep in Helena Blog.I am counting backward by year until Hewy Noleep finally goes to Sleep. This recount the history of the bog before it is deleted.To Return to Blog:http://helena-alabama.blogspot.com/

Quick post to help a family

Helena police searching for teen runaway missing for 2 days

Updated on August 25, 2017 at 2:08 PMPosted on August 25, 2017 at 2:05 PM
Kinsley Brook Crowson (Helena Police Department)
Authorities are asking for the public's help find a teen girl who ran away from her Helena home.
Kinsley Brook Crowson, 14, was last seen on Wednesday, Aug. 23, according to Helena police. She has not been in contact with her family over the past two days and police said "her family is understandably worried."
Anyone with information on her whereabouts is asked to call Helena police 205-663-6499.

Friday, August 25, 2017

Start 1999-2004: Countdown to Hewy Goes to Sleep

So it begins.....After over a decade, this Helena News and Helena Blog is shutting down. In the age of online news and the huge leaps of social interaction online. On the bright side this will free up hours each day, that I can spend working to help make Helena the greatest city of Earth and help you get things done. I will still be online but no longer as No Sleep. You still catch me as Hewy Woodman on the various social sites and I am always willing to help you find answers and solutions in Helena to make your day a little better :)

Here starts the Countdown, like really good nap, I am counting backwards until Hewy Noleep finally goes to Sleep. This one may be longer but the other post will cover each year until poof!


I moved to Helena in 1999 to a small neighborhood with 3 streets named after the Old Cahaba. I worked 3rd in a Computer Mainframe department while finishing my law degree commuting to Montgomery. I met few people and wished I could be involved in Helena because it was like a magical city with waterfalls and old fashion old town. At the time MYSpace was the more popular and cause Facebook  was a just Harvard student project.

Blogger website started in 1999 and it was better than the boring business websites because people shared their stores everyday. Google bought Blogger in 2003 and I started a personal blog to shared update to my out of town family about what we were doing and all the cool little detail I saw in Helena.

I found  a rich community of local and anonymous bloggers sharing photo and adventures like the blog Tales of Bloggerville , Dulbert, Bossypants, Show me the booger, anything but gray, Henderson, The cool part is it turned about all this authors lived locally and we met met up once. After seeing there was people who wanted to read about Helena events. I deleted all my blog post prior to 2004 and rename the blog :No Sleep in Helena:" and used used the nick name Hewy No Sleep  to stay anonymous.

Hewy was a old soccer nick name and stood for my initials Harold Edward Woodman and no sleep since i worked 3rd shirt in a computer room and set out to find all the hidden little facts and events about Helena. It was a good time too, Helena was start to rapid grow and people were using to the interest to find family activities .

Here starts the Countdown, like really good nap, I am counting backwards until Hewy Noleep finally goes to SleepTo Return to Blog: http://helena-alabama.blogspot.com/