Saturday, February 21, 2009

Largest Pancake Stack in Helena

Helena Pancake Stack Record!
This is for all you Helenites who went out of town this weekend to earn beads, the largest pancake stack in Helena, Alabama and maybe the State. The picture doesn't do justice to its girth. They were around 20 inches around out of the pan. To help with the scale, those are three full bars of butter on top! The Kiwanis/Helena Elementary Pancake fund raiser is going on until noon but I plan on bringing down the stack before then so if you want a picture you need to hurry. I lost around a foot of it last night, but it's still impressive (the top layer split from the weigh so I had to add a doughnut of cardboard every 6 inches to the rest). It was just under 2 feet but I added the butter.

I'll submit the stats Monday to see if Guinness will create a World record category for this monster stack of pancakes. It shrank a little in the cold but each pancake weighs around around a pound. Thanks to Helena Elementary and the Helena Kiwanis for letting me set it up there!


Anonymous said...

Hey Hewy,I went there they were cool, they said I just missed you.


Leigh said...

Congratulations! Thats awesome! I wll send you an email and let you know what we did this Saturday....otherwise we would have come down to see it for real!

jennifer said...

Hewy, you are just the coolest! LOVE the supersized stack of pancakes.

What is this about "earning beads"? I am right here in the middle of the Mardi Gras hooplah and my son brought home a BUNCH of beads from school. You mean he worked for them???

Have a great weekend :)

HEWY said...

Ron: I was in and out. I didn't want to just stand there the whole time.

Leigh:I saw the email and congrats. Send me the pix

Jennifer:I'm sure he earned them by making good grades at school. A few helenites are earning them in a less respectable way and they better hope they aren't near a webcam on Bourbon street or I'll post ;)

Bama Belle said...

It was so cool!!! Did you see my post about it? The children had so much fun!!! HEWY ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!

Dullbert said...

Updated at 8:15 PM on 23rd February 2009

Two hotel chefs today claimed to have toppled the record for the world's tallest pancake stack.
Sean McGinlay and Natalie King of Glasgow's Hilton Grosvenor hotel measured their pancake tower at 29.5 inches - beating the current title by 0.4in.