Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Wednesday in Helena

Helena Newsletter
Yeah, the Helena Newsletter came out and gives all the details about what is happening in Helena. You should get yours in the mail today (did you know people have to hand label each one of those). I added all the dates to the Helena Event Calendar here. Fun events like the charity concert for Larry Childers: Jammin in the Junction, HIS Fall Festival and Liz Cochran Day in Helena.

If you are a songwriter then LaReunion will be letting you share your tunes every Wednesday night.

Btw if you like the design, they will be selling t-shirts with the Jammin at the Junction logo and the Smoke & Gun poker run at the event as well at BBQ and brewing and fermentation of starches from cereal grains.

Read more here:

Recent Marriages of Helenites
-Robert Dale Meyer, 69, of Helena and Gail Willis Tindal, 69, of Helena.
-Andre Emil Villanueva, 33, of Helena and Elissa Claire Arendale, 27, of Helena.
-Blake William Hankins, 54, of Helena and Jeanne Marie Cummings, 45, of Helena.

Odds and Ends around the city
A few things that I heard around the city and forgot to put in the blog:

1. Crowe Corner in Helena was not named for the murder of crows in the area (by murder I mean a grouping not an act of violence) but the family which owns the property. They still own it. I hear that Publix just leases the location.

2. The wholeseller SamLily is named for the owner's dogs, Sam and Lily.

3. Dippin Dots inquired about the vacant shop in Crowe's Croner. I dont know if they are considering opening a business but they asked about it.

Finally I saw this cool Christmas ornament (below) at the Monkey Basket in Old Town that Joe Habshey had made. I thought it was pretty cool.
Helena Police Report

Sept. 7
-Domestic incident from the 100 block of Cedar Bend Drive.
-Unlawful possession of marijuana/unlawful possession of drug paraphernalia from Elvira Road and Highway 52 West (highway, street). Confiscated, seized were a burnt marijuana cigarette and a blue plastic marijuana pipe.
-Open container of alcohol from Highway 261 at Incahoots (highway, street).

Sept. 8
-Unlawful possession of marijuana from the 200 block of First Avenue East. Recovered was cigarette cellophane containing marijuana and seeds valued at $10.
-Harassment from the 200 block of Rolling Mill Street.
-Failure to appear-no insurance from County Road 95 and Bridlewood Drive (supermarket).
-Domestic violence from the 2800 block of Adams Street.

Sept. 9
-Lost property from the 1900 block of County Road 58. Listed were a Smith and Wesson .38 Special valued at $350 and a leather holster valued at $50.
-Domestic incident from the 300 block of Park Lake Trace.

Sept. 10
-Accident information report from Riverwoods Parkway (highway, street).
-Probation violation -operating vehicle without insurance from Jefferson County Jail, Birmingham.

Sept. 11
-Harassing communications from the 200 block of Village Parkway (other, unknown).
-Failure to appear-expired tag from 816 Highway 52 East (government, public building).

Sept. 12
-Failure to appear-driving while suspended from Highway 13 and Bibb County Line (highway, street).
-Driving under the influence alcohol from Highway 261 at Roy Drive (highway, street).
-Driving under the influence from Highway 52 West at Cahaba Lilly Park (highway, street).
-Failure to appear arrest for Shelby County from Highway 52 West at Highway 13 (supermarket).

Sept. 13
-Harassment/criminal mischief from the 3000 block of Bowron Road. Damaged was a vehicle tire in the amount of $200.
-Driving under the influence of alcohol from 261 and Starky Street (highway, street).
-Vicious dog from the 200 block of Bentmoor Lane.
-Information only from the 100 block of Frances Lane

btw the way I finished Dan Brown's The Last Symbol. It was a good story but I felt it was trying to convert me to a version of new age gnosticism during certain parts of the book. I'll take my hidden gnomes over secret gnosticism any day.


Anonymous said...

Hey Huey, where do you get police reports?

HEWY said...

Anon1-Two Sources: Bham News and Shelby County Reporter