Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Weather and Council

Weather Cake
Weatherman James Spann received a surprise when he visited Helena Elementary. They gave him a   personalized cake with a little version of him. His comment on twitter, "could be the greatest cake in all 34 years on Bham TV today". The cake was created by Hope Crocker. You can see more of Hope's designs on her facebook page: Link If you would like to see more on the making of the cake then her website is: http://hopessweetcakes.blogspot.comAlso Don't forget they are having the HES Annual Art Show and Sale all week!
Missing Dog 
Bailey, the golden retriever, is missing from Helena. If you have seen Bailey contact 317-9363 or 515-5411. Bailey recently had surgery to remove a damaged eye and she has a thyroid disorder., Without her medication, will begin to have seizures. She is a large dog; 115#-little skittish due to limited vision, but very sweet.
Helena Tornado Siren Recommendation
City Council Notes
Here are my notes from the Helena City Council Meeting. You can get the official minutes from the city clerk. It was a long 3 hour meeting so there is a lot. If you have questions call the Mayor, and any city council member. I may have to update it if I find mistakes:

Discussion on Got Wi-Fi Proposal
Got Wifi would like to have a wifi franchise in Helena. They would pay a  3% fee to the city provide wifi access and cameras for city locations. They would sell their product in places where Helena residents do not receive internet. They would need access to Helena's poles. They will provide the Mayor and Council a contract and referrals. The motion was tabled until more information is provided.

Discussion of light installation along Ruffin Road Parkway
A discussion of adding additional street lights on Ruffin Road and some other locations on 52 and Hillsboro Parkway. It was decided it would be held for George Pickle to met with Mike Jones, Mayor Hall and Hewy Woodman. The cost to install would be $4900 and $14 a month. A two foot arm is free id there is a secondary power line already installed on a pole.

Brian Peters-Weather Cam
Meterologist Brian Peters shared a plan where Helena would have a Skycam that would be used by 3340.

Discussion on paving at Penhale Park
Mark Hall said they are looking are hot patch repairs on spots and possible a seal coat after the ball season.

Discussion on Art Council Committee Establishment
Hewy Woodman would create an Art Council to promote Arts in Helena. I discussed people who were interested. The Art Council will be on the agenda next meeting. (If anyone else is still interested then contact me)

Discussion on Copier Proposals
Mayor Hall said the new contract would save $1,213 over the old contract and add the option of color.

Discussion with Fire Chief regarding addition of tornado sirens
Chief Wilder would like permission to move a tornado siren to extend coverage of the city and make plans to add another siren in the southern portion of Helena. Also the sirens were being upgraded to allow the new polygon warning system through EMA. The proposal will be added to the Council agenda.

Discussion with Fire Chief regarding software upgrade:
Chief John Wilder requested that software used by the Fire Department be renewed and to check the price of adding a  web feature. The request was approved.

Report from Mayor Hall
The City has given notice to three abandoned homes:  2 homes near Johnson Street, and one on 3rd street. There was also a structure near Fire Station station #2 being brought down.
Fire Department received a thank you letter for saving man's life.
McKay Mgmt will install flowers and landscaping under the amphitheater sign as a donation to the City

Approval for Paving Roy Drive
The Council approved the proposal. It should start in cinjunction with the County paving sometime between July-Dec. The County engineer said it would cost  90k-100k and they willl send an engineer to resolve other issues to make the road is smooth. It would be a savings of over $80k from a bid received years ago. Part of the money will come from the 4 cent fund and the rest from the recent money in capital improvement fund from the State of Alabama.

Ordinance 824-13-Brian Cash 2005 Bond Refinance
The Council approved that a 2005 bond be refinanced at a lower interest rate to give the city  an additional $180k that can be used for capital improvement.

Beautification Board Appointments
It was approved and the following will serve on the committee: Leslie Bartlett, Emily McPeake, Allison Renfroe, Chris VanCleave, Ana Baker, Gennetter D. K. Smith, and Allison Crumpton

Resolution 05062013-Helena will participation in the State Sales School Supply Tax Holiday 8/2-8/4

Resolution 05062013A-Acceptance of SCBOE Contract for the construction of the Athletic Facilities at Helena High School. The construction will cost up to 6.5 million which will come from the bond that resulted from the 1 cent Helena education tax

Ordinance 823-13-Deeding High School Property to Shelby County Board of Education
The City Council approved deeding over the land to the SCBOE to begin construction. A portion of the land will remain in the City's hands to be used for educational or recreational purposes.

Resolution 05092013B-Renewing the AT&T Franchise Agreement. The city will receive a 5% franchise fee and there will be a possibility of a future Helena community channel.

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