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2005: Countdown to Hewy Goes to Sleep

Here starts the Countdown to the end of the No Sleep in Helena Blog.I am counting backward by year until Hewy Noleep finally goes to Sleep. This recount the history of the blog before it is deleted.

2005 The Bice Blog Effect
 After rebranding the blog a Nosleep and Sharing local events, the blog slowing increase to 350 readers but an unexpected event pushed the blog to front page on google searches. The reason?

 A young Helena living the old log building in Old town Helena named Harold Elwin Bice was encouraged by his mom to an American idol tryout. Within days he captured the national imagination paged and everyone was searching google for Helena and information about Bo Bice.

Joy Children and other Helena City Leaders organized watch and call in parties and everyone was searching for times and voted for Bo Bice. There were even a Bo Bice day and free concerts and parades. The entire city came together to support the Young man who made it big.

After this year, the blog pulled up on the google search page. I could have started selling ads by the volumes but I wanted to stay anonymous and didn't want to sell out. I waned to continue to promote Helena businesses and cool events for free. I am glad I did. After that decision, business would then let me know when knew ones were coming and which ones were closing and opening which I could share with readers. I would hear complaints and ideas that would share with others. Trust was better.

The second big event for the blog is that I met Harold Deason of the original Inchoots. Since I worked nights, I would get off work and have :lunch. Breakfast at Incahoots . Harold Deason would sit around during lunch and take an order and share Helena stotes. He also ended up introducing me to the important residents from the planning commission like Jack Gray Jackson Knox and Tom tom Lefebvre. All men who were the heart of volunteers and Helena information. Nothing happened in the city without those 4 knowing about it and they always had funny stories about it as well.  I had tumbled into a treasure trove of large readership and lot of interesting stories about Helena happenings to shares The reader, could within seconds, could find all the Helena events coming up in the next few week with information and the history of the events. It wasn't long until I was volunteered with them and meeting more people and helped to make evens around Helena that is what makes Helena so special.

Deason and wife, Claudia, opened the original Incahoots in 1984 in Hoover before moving it to 4300 Helena Road.

According to an online poll by last week, 45 percent of people think Bice will win the entire competition.

Readership 2004-2005

Here starts the Countdown of the end of the No Sleep in Helena Blog.I am counting backward by year until Hewy Noleep finally goes to Sleep. This recount the history of the bog before it is deleted.To Return to Blog:

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