Wednesday, August 30, 2017

2006: Countdown to Hewy Goes to Sleep

2006 Hunt and Contest interaction Starts

After Bo Bice asked to autograph a golden gnome. It away to a reader in the hunt with the hunt. It had so many participants from around Shelby County. We didn't to start gave me an autograph gold gnome, I decided to give it away the autograph Bo Bice gnome reader with a gnome hunt so this is the year the No Sleep Contest and giveaways starts included the best decorated Christmas house in Helena and Halloween house

Gnome Hunt in Helena

A Lost Gnome in Helena

So do you like treasure hunts?

Reader ship to 2005-2006

Here starts the Countdown of the end of the No Sleep in Helena Blog.I am counting backward by year  until Hewy Noleep finally goes to Sleep. This recount the history of the bog before it is deleted.To Return to Blog:

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