Thursday, August 10, 2017


816 Hwy 52 East, Helena, AL 35080
City Hall Council Chambers
August 14, 2017

COUNCIL WORK SESSION AGENDA                                                                 5:00pm
A discussion and review of City Council agenda items, projects, department, committee, and board liaison reports, and task assigned for City operations and business.
1.      Review: 08/14/17 Agenda Items.
·        AP/Bill payments
·        07/24/2017 meeting minutes review
2.      Update from Council Boards Committee Business.
3.      Brody Jones-Speak to Council concerning a Fundraiser
4.      Inspections Department-Emergency Vehicle Purchase
5.      Mayor Hall-Update from Regional Planning Commission-Intersection Improvement
6.      FYE 2018 Budget Review
7.      Confirmation: 08/28/17 Council Meeting  Work Session Agenda.

CITY COUNCIL MEETING AGENDA                                                                    6:00pm
1.      Meeting Called To Order   
2.      Invocation                      
3.      Pledge of Allegiance      
4.      Council Roll Call        
5.      Presentation of Minutes from 06/26/17 and 07/10/17.
6.      Revenue Report & (AP) Bill payment.
7.      Municipal Operations Report: Mayor Mark Hall
·        Departments: Police, Fire, Library, Streets, Sanitation, Utilities.
8.      Resolution 08112017- Act #2017-367- One-Time Bonus for Retirees. Has to be approved in 2017, otherwise it will not be offered again. Retirees with 25 of service will get $600.00 and retirees with less than 25 years, will get a minimum of $300.00.
9.      Approve/Deny-Sports Complex- Installation of Lighting for Parking Lot Addition
10.   Inspections Department-Emergency Vehicle Purchase
11.   Council Comments
12.   Adjournment

Proper notice of the posted Agenda for the Pre-Council Work Session and Regular Scheduled Meeting of the Helena City Council was given in advance of such public meeting and the notice remained posted through the scheduled meeting. By general consent of the Council, agenda items may be added, removed, or considered out of order. Next City Council Meeting Date:  Monday, August 28, 2017 @ 5:00 P.M. Work Session followed by the Regular Council Meeting 6:00pm.  

Updated: 08/07/2017

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