Friday, August 25, 2017

Start 1999-2004: Countdown to Hewy Goes to Sleep

So it begins.....After over a decade, this Helena News and Helena Blog is shutting down. In the age of online news and the huge leaps of social interaction online. On the bright side this will free up hours each day, that I can spend working to help make Helena the greatest city of Earth and help you get things done. I will still be online but no longer as No Sleep. You still catch me as Hewy Woodman on the various social sites and I am always willing to help you find answers and solutions in Helena to make your day a little better :)

Here starts the Countdown, like really good nap, I am counting backwards until Hewy Noleep finally goes to Sleep. This one may be longer but the other post will cover each year until poof!


I moved to Helena in 1999 to a small neighborhood with 3 streets named after the Old Cahaba. I worked 3rd in a Computer Mainframe department while finishing my law degree commuting to Montgomery. I met few people and wished I could be involved in Helena because it was like a magical city with waterfalls and old fashion old town. At the time MYSpace was the more popular and cause Facebook  was a just Harvard student project.

Blogger website started in 1999 and it was better than the boring business websites because people shared their stores everyday. Google bought Blogger in 2003 and I started a personal blog to shared update to my out of town family about what we were doing and all the cool little detail I saw in Helena.

I found  a rich community of local and anonymous bloggers sharing photo and adventures like the blog Tales of Bloggerville , Dulbert, Bossypants, Show me the booger, anything but gray, Henderson, The cool part is it turned about all this authors lived locally and we met met up once. After seeing there was people who wanted to read about Helena events. I deleted all my blog post prior to 2004 and rename the blog :No Sleep in Helena:" and used used the nick name Hewy No Sleep  to stay anonymous.

Hewy was a old soccer nick name and stood for my initials Harold Edward Woodman and no sleep since i worked 3rd shirt in a computer room and set out to find all the hidden little facts and events about Helena. It was a good time too, Helena was start to rapid grow and people were using to the interest to find family activities .

Here starts the Countdown, like really good nap, I am counting backwards until Hewy Noleep finally goes to SleepTo Return to Blog:

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